Outfit Ideas For When You're Running Very, Very Late

Waking up on a Monday morning is the worst feeling in the world.  I just wake up and procrastinate getting out of bed for admittedly longer than I should, which sometimes results in me running late for school. The second worse feeling in the world, am I right?

Running late is never fun and it’s hard for someone like me to get ready in less than fifteen minutes. I bet most of you can relate, so here are some fashion hacks to help you make it to work/school on time.

The first ensemble I have is perfect for causal everyday shenanigans. I chose a long-sleeved top, that way I wouldn’t have to pick out a sweater, wasting precious time! When it comes to pants (for me) the answer is always jeans. These ones are great, as it’s weirdly comforting to wear sturdy denim like these, especially when you’re running late! I chose out these simple black flats for footwear, because you just step into them and go. This leaves your hands free to put on your coat, so your welcome! I’m saving you more time there.

The next look is perfect for when you want to make a bit more of a statement without trying hard. Chose out all your plain black and white clothing, which shouldn’t take too long, and ta-da! Everything goes perfectly together and takes minimal effort. I chose a black pleather skirt, black boots, a white long-sleeve shirt and a black graphic top to layer over it. This outfit is all about the small details - the studs on the shoes, the lettuce hem on the black shirt, the texture of the skirt. Love! 

The last idea is how to look fancy when you're in a rush. Let's say you have a big presentation, but only ten minutes to get ready. Eek! I suggest having a go-to "fancy" outfit in your brain that you already know looks really good. That way you can quickly grab those pieces and won't even have to check in a mirror! However, lets say one of those pieces in your outfit is in the wash. I would definitely pick out a dress since it's one piece and although they're traditionally fancy I find that they are always super comfortable. 


So now you're changed in an outfit you love, but what to do about your hair? Sometime in September I've become a big hair clips lady. These pearl ones are my favourite and I can quickly clip them on while dashing down the stairs. They're my golden pair, if my outfit is warm-toned, and if I have a lot of silver jewelry I match it with this holographic barrette. I lost the only one while throwing leaves at my gym teacher (don't ask.) A headband is also great, but I look for a soft one that doesn't poke the back of my ears. I have glasses, so my ears get pretty sore if I wear both at the same time. Essentially, any accessory to keep your hair out of your face that doesn't require a full-on hairstyle is perfect.

I don't like jewelry that's finicky or requires help from another person. If you're as extra as me, even when you're in a rush, and want to wear jewelry I'd recommend pieces like a stretchy chocker "tattoo" necklace or big loose bracelets (but not too big!) that you can simply slide on your wrist.

I don't really wear makeup, since I'm a teenage girl, but if you do here's some ideas for a quick, simple makeup routine. Use a lipstick, first of all, that isn't too dry so it's quick to swatch on. Lip gloss can smudge the second you look away from the mirror, and lip liner takes time to draw on. Skip eyeliner, go for mascara, and buy products that have two uses like a powder for both blush and eyeshadow. oh, that's all I have to say about this because although I like it, I know nothing about makeup!

Hopefully this post was helpful! I totally encounter the "I have nothing to wear" feeling multiple times a week, but try to keep these tips in mind and I'll do the same. Have a good night!


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