Redesigning My Clothes #myquarantineactivity

I'm so proud, because I actually remembered to take before and after photos! Everything is a little wintry and holiday-chic, so I'm on theme with the time of year (for once.) Now here are the clothes I've transformed!

A month ago I turned this top into a skirt. I had cut it directly under the armpits, but I hadn't realized at the time I could turn the tiny top part into a shrug. That's what I did this weekend! I trimmed off the bottom more evenly, risking cutting the armholes completely out. I liked the little lacy sleeves and I like that, so if I cut the bottom too short my shrug would now be a cape. 

Skirt: Sewing Haul!

Now all I had to do was hem the edges. I hemmed the lining with the lace part over it, which sometimes when you sew the lining to the shell it turns out really bunchy but since this is essentially a half-square foot of fabric it looks fine. I added a little snap to fasten in the front it turned out pretty well! 

Now that it's winter where I live, I got my mittens out. I have my scarf, I have my hat. This hat has treated me well over the years and it keeps me very warm but I wanted to add some colour to my cold-weather wardrobe. 

I decided to paint the buttons with nail polish, something I've done many times, in a pale purple that matches my coat and also a hot pink.

The last thing I've made is this silky midi skirt. This used to be part of my Halloween costume a few years ago, and I've always thought it was really pretty. Too bad its a bit... costumey for everyday life. Its really pretty fabric, so I decided to turn this into something a little more wearable and classic.

First I had to cut off the tulle overlay, which I did save obviously because a) I'm a fabric hoarder and b) it's so pretty, a bit like a wedding veil! Not that I will be getting married, in the next decade at least. I thought I was going to stop there, but the silhouette was a little obscure because the skirt was trying to be flowy but the fabric is thin and silky. I made it a little more a-line (can you tell the difference?) by turning it inside-out and sewing two straight lines down. 

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