Sewing Haul: Some Pretty Designs To Brighten November!

I thought I'd go back to the style of my old blog posts, skip the intro and just start. The first thing I've sewed recently - or, least recently I guess - was this skirt for my sister J. Its more of a DIY actually, because I just took in the stretchy waistband by adding a dart (maybe an inch-and-a-half?) plus sewed on the butterfly patch. she chose out the fabric and I cut the shape, "hemmed" the edges with nail polish and sewed it on. I also added some pale purple stitches for that classic cartoony detail that shows a butterfly in movement. J wore this for her school's picture day yesterday with a white vintage-inspired blouse, and she looked so cute. 

I sewed this little top for myself. I like making tops sleeveless, because although it's practically winter where I live they're easier for me to layer and save me some time. I have a lot of cardigans and jackets that open in front, so it's perfect. This top came out pretty shapeless, so I think I'll sew a ribbon under the bust to add some cute, sort-of cheesy detail and make the bottom flair out peplum-style. You've seen this fabric before, but when I bought it I actually bought way too much so you'll probably see this a few more times. Right now I have a set going, with the skirt, blazer and top!

You’ve seen these button pins and fabric-wrapped bangle bracelets before, but I’ve made a ton of new styles to show you. The bracelets are thinner, with ranging styles. Ones a colourful floral, one is a more classic gold-on-white, and the last is gray. As for the pins, there’s a pinwheel black-and-pink, a Oreo, a cupcake, a metallic mermaid ombré and a black-and white dot one.


Last but not least, I transformed this purple scarf into an infinity scarf which was a easy no-sew process. This is totally doable for all of you to recreate as long as you have a fringed scarf. I just tied all the fringes together. Since this scarf is so wide, I figured it would be better as a loop style and I was right!

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  1. You guys seemed to love my art journal post (thank you) so I'll continue it and make it a series! Let me know if you have any prompt ideas for me.

    1. Hmmm. I seem to recognize that scarf.... Much better as an infinity scarf; good call!


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