Fall/Winter Outfit Ideas

 One of my current pressing issues is that I love posting outfit ideas, but don't I need an excuse to post them? Well, readers, when I was on some other fashion blogs I got inspired and it turns out you don't! Here are some 2020 fall/winter inspiration.

Call Me Basic

Every girl - like, every girl ever - loves fall. It's their favourite season, so I wanted to try to make the most cliche fall outfit ever. Obviously, I started with my Uggs. I also have one of these baker-boy caps that used to be super trendy, but I think they're cute. I added a flannel, but kept it open to reveal a tiny little tank top. Tank top + Uggs seems to equal a cold-weather outfit these days! Go figure. I added the typical gray sweats to finish everything off. Just call me basic!

  the DIY hat

Let's Have A Snowball

It snowed the other day, and when I wear this fuzzy sweater it's so appropriate! This sweater is my favourite, as it's super comfy and cute. I wanted to keep the outfit very light and kind of monochrome, I guess. I picked out lightwash jeans that I sewed the lace onto and lots of silver jewelry. For some minimalist shoes I chose these flats, and added this purse and a muff.

How I DIYed these clothes:

knitting the scarf

sewing the purse

Paperboy Chic

This is such a beautiful vintage-inspired look. A classic trench coat upgraded by a red hue, paired with plaid pants makes for a simplistic look. I chose out heeled gray boots and a cute white hat. I believe the style is called a cloche, since it's a bell shape, and it's precious. When I wear it I'm not sure if I look weird, but I can admire it in the photo at least!

Styling & Profiling

I just bought this new skirt which I will now wear all the time. I never knew leather skirts could be this cute! I love it so much, and I paired it with my white paneled top and lace long-sleeve. In my opinion, this is the nicest way to wear my white Silver Fashionista top. For some warmth, I chose out jeggings  (jeans + leggings) and my tall black boots. I completed this chic look with a black hair bow.

sewing the top

I'm writing this in class after running 5.4k (!!!) for some reason. I'm so tired and I'm never doing that again. 

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