Ten People Style This White Top

I came to the conclusion the other day that some of y'all might be getting sick of me by now. After all, I have such a extra and specific style and I feel like a fashion blog needs more variety. So today, ten different people will be putting together a outfit featuring this white blouse!

First is my friend M, who's family is moving here to a nearby town, which is great since my family hardly knows anyone around here. She chose black jeans to go with the top, which I think looks great because the shirt is white and the pants are black - some pretty obvious stuff here. It's very minimalist, and lets the top really stand out. For shoes, I dug up plain black flats to keep with that theme.

Next is my sister J. This is actually her white blouse, but it doesn't have to fit me and it just has to look good in the photos so it works. She started with black jeans as well, but added a ton of accessories which I love. There's a black cross-body purse (mine) and a little scarf to tie around the neck (also mine.)  

My friend S chose this look, which I would wear too. She chose those jeans I sewed the lace onto and mentioned "blue earrings" in her text. I gave her some options: sequins, penguin studs and blue spheres. Which do you like best, reader? As for shoes, they are those boots that an annoying kid from her school (my old school) spilled a smoothie on. I bet that's the only reason she chose them, but they're cute!

My mom chose out a skirt, and a skirt I even made too. Cause it's a flowy genie-like top she chose a long silky skirt, which I recently sewed! I think the different fabrics and shades of white look beautiful together. I'm not sure if I would wear this, but if I saw someone else with this outfit I would like it.

Another one of my friends chose this look: denim jacket and black pants. I like how the shirt is flowy but the jacket is structured - it looks so cool! The white fixings match perfectly and it's pretty versatile too. You can wear it on an ordinary day or a fancy one. Personally, I'd add some funky jewelry to add a bit of colour, like a colourful purse, but I think this looks really nice. And of course, black bottoms are always a perfect base.

My friend A chose out a gold necklace, combat boots and pants with the stripes down the side. But I don't own any of those trendy trendy clothes, so I used this skirt to take the photo. Hope it works! I think with the pants the look would be a little more edgy and cool, but with the skirt it's stylish. I really like both.

This is my grandma's look, which I really like. She chose out a purple scarf, black stretch pants (which I actually own, surprisingly. I thought all my pants were jeans!) a ton of bangle bracelets, plus a black hair accessories. The scarf looks a little bit obscure in the photo, since it's an infinity scarf, but you get the idea. The bangle bracelets are in gold, purple and silver, and the black hair tie has little gold details.

My friend E chose black pants, a silver necklace and ankle boots. I realized that these are the best I could find for ankle boots, which is so sad because a few years ago I used to have the cutest pair. However, they only lasted a year before becoming really worn-out. I was so sad. I mean, I did wear them every single day for a year so I suppose they treated me well. I used my faux floral docs to take the photo but made up for the lack of proper shoes with two silver necklaces instead!

One of my oldest friends chose jeans with rolled-up cuffs, a red tank top (which is perfect because the top is sheer,) a bandana and a braided belt. This makes me so annoyed, because I literally used to own a red bandana that would've matched perfectly and a silver braided belt! But I have no idea where they are. I just used the only other belt I owned and a little scarf. Sorry, T :)

This final outfit I give a golden star! However, I may be a little bit biased because last but not least is mine. I wanted to pair it with a more structured skirt to contrast the flowy top, like the opposite of my mom's look. I tucked the shirt in because it's so high-waisted and also added my floral boots. I think they tie in the outfit perfectly I think taking girly shirts like this one and adding spunky shoes always looks so cool together.

That's it for today! I was pretty excited for this blog post so let me know if you want to see more "ten people style" down below!


  1. Thanks so much for participating in this post!

  2. Wow what a great variety and they all look good! Hope you'll do this again, with a football theme.

  3. Lots of great options to fit someone’s personal style! Great idea.

    1. Thank you! Look for a holiday themed one coming in the future


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