Ten Ways To Style A Dress

I posted a "ten ways to style a dress" post when I first started my blog, but there are some technical difficulties. I figured I'd seize the opportunity and make a new one, a whole lot better! One thing I didn't do in the last post was use the same dress consistently, so for all of the outfits I'm styling the same lilac gingham dress. Let's get started.

One: Simplistically Chic Some of the looks are fairly unique, but I thought I'd start out with the number one tip for keeping your dress simple and classic. Match your shoes to your bag; it's that easy! You can even match your shoes to your bag to your dress, but I wanted some contrast. Also, I don't have purple shoes and a bag so black it was! I like these flats, even if they aren't super comfortable, and I added a black cross-body bag.

Two: Accessories Galore Instead of layering your dress with a shirt or skirt or sweater (which you'll see a lot of in this post) simply just add accessories! In most of my styling outfits blog post I have an outfit with the same concept as this. I decided to juxtapose this vintage-inspired dress with modern, trendy bracelets (that is, trendy to me,) a dramatic floral needlefelt hair fascinator and a punked-up belt. I really like this belt, which is good since it's the only one I own! I did a little DIY when I first got it - it was way too big, so I just snipped off the end until it was the right length. 

Three: Springtime In November To cazualize a dress, try layering pants over it. In theory, this would've worked better with a dress that's waistline is at your natural waist, or more high-waisted pants because in the photo you can still see part of the pleated skirt. I stole - I mean, borrowed - these butterfly jeans from my sister because I think with the sleeveless gingham top the whole look is very light and springy - perfect for mid-November!

Four: Princess Perfect You can also layer a skirt over your dress, which I prefer because it's almost never finicky. Just double-check your skirt is long enough, obviously, but also a sturdy-enough material that doesn't show the bottom of your dress through it. My skirt is kind of thin, but its layered so it does the trick. I chose this skirt because I thought the bright pink would go well with the pastel purple. Farm girl on the top, princess on the bottom! To make it a little more natural I chose some little barrettes for my hair, since they're both pink and sparkly. It borders a retro aesthetic, and also just looking like a kid playing dress-up but I kinda like it! After all, when are kids wrong?

Five: A Cozy Kid For a cute but cozy option, a sweater is obvious. This one was passed down to me from my mom, and it's from the brand Oak + Fort so pretty fancy, I guess. It's a little cooler than a regular puffy hoodie, since instead it's a puffy poncho sweater! For real, I think it hangs nicely over the fit-and-flare dress. It adds a drop-waist silhouette, some warmth and I always appreciate a cute mock neck. 

Six: Can You Say Colour-Cordinated? This monochrome outfit is my favourite out of the ten. I realize it's not perfectly monochrome, since there's both purple and white, but I'm proud of how colour-cordinated it is. I thrifted this awesome cropped purple denim jacket, which is the exact colour. I wear it less now, but I still love it and the nice thing is, since it's cropped, it'll fit me for a long time. To tie in the white I added my fuzzy heart purse and prized pearl barrettes which are faux (not fake.)

Seven: Colourblocking Crazy On the opposite side of the spectrum, there's colour blocking! This was super trendy back in the day, I guess, when I was a tiny little kid and didn't care. Layering a long-sleeve under a dress is a great way to add some warmth, and I chose out this festive red one so you already got some mismatching there. For I bag, I added this royal blue one. I'm not sure why this outfit works together, honestly. I think because the purse and shirt are both jewel-toned they contrast nicely with the pastel dress. 

Eight: Preppy At Private School For a vintage look, I took my mom's preppy-person coat she had got from a consignment store. This jacket is one of the coolest designs! It has a satin and striped lining, plus two layers each with it's own collar. The bottom layer fastens with a zipper, but you see those little grommets on the right? You loop ribbons through them and tie it in a bow. Sew cool! This may be my least favourite in the post - I still like it, but it doesn't look so great in the photo.

Nine: Tween Dreams Taking a complete 180, this is another dress-and-jacket combination but instead of a coat that dresses up the outfit, this one dresses down the outfit. I added a baggy denim jacket, which, sometimes these can be pretty unflattering with dresses because a lot of jackets cinch back in at the bottom but this one flares about a bit so it's good. Finally, I accessorized with my favourite bag. Nine (and a half) times out of ten, if I'm going out this is the purse I take. This is a cute look for school, maybe, if it was warmer out. Nevermind!

Ten: A 2020 Vintage Milkmaid Last but not least look is inspired by the dress itself! I layered a long-sleeved top over it, and this top is not completely my style but I think it's really cool. It has embroidery like molding all over it. Who thought of that? Sew cool. I like how the sleeves puff out, the shoulders have pleats, and floral molding goes down the front. I think the short skirt is balanced out by the slightly-puffy top, and vice-versa.

Make sure to comment down below which look was your favourite! By for today.


  1. My fave is the 5th look! It's so cute! For an outfit idea, maybe design an outfit based of Claude Monet?

  2. Yet again, no football themes.... I love them all but I gotta go with #5 cozy kid too. They're just all great!

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