Art Journal #3

It's been over a month since I've done one of these posts, so I'm sorry. It's been a little bit busier with all the holiday posts, but I'm here to bring you the third group of pages from my art journal. Here are the first two parts, and let's start.

First of all, this page where you essentially have to draw one object in multiple ways. I liked this prompt but was stuck on choosing the object. it had to be simple but not too simple, and I wanted to do something I don't draw a lot of but I chose an ice cream cone. Along with cupcakes and clothing designs, an ice cream cone is my most commonly drawn object. Oh well. I drew one normally, upside-down, with my non-dominant hand, with my pencil in my mouth, while moving and with my eyes closed. My favourite one is the upside-down one - I especially like how I put the chocolate dripping upside-down and the whipped-cream piped on the wrong way. The one thing about this page is the colouring. I used coloured pencils, but they weren't as bright and opaque as usual. 

This page also uses coloured pencils, but I shaded very lightly on purpose this time. I really like this page. Essentially I had to fix a mistake, and I sketched one of my sewing projects. You'll see the real dress in an upcoming post (sorry for the spoiler!) On the left I drew the dress with the mistake, which was the fit. On the right, I drew my plans on how I would alter it. I've changed the dress into a square-neck, cut off the sleeves, taken in the hem and turned it from a midi to a mini.

These next two pages are a set. Basically, I had to create a window. First, I used acrylic paint to turn the left page silver and the right page pink. I took my scissors and cut out a heart shape (the window.) I also added silver wings and washi tape. This winged heart is something I came up with when I was taking art classes a few years ago and I call it my doodle signature. Usually it has a little kawaii face but there's a heart-shaped hole in the way. so the face died.

I will admit that I tried a little less with the other set. All I did was take a small piece of paper and watercolour it rainbow. I used my glue stick to glue it down. Now, on one side of the page you see a rainbow heard with wings. On the other side, there's a shiny silver heart. Kind of cool?

Now, you may have noticed a change in the title. Parts 1 and 2 used to be called "my art prompt journal" but this one is just "my art journal." What? Well, I want to start making this book a little more of an actual art journal and less of a prompt book. It's got a bit tedious to always follow a prompt for me, so on some pages I just get to do whatever I want! Here, I didn't really have a plan. I started painting a curvy design with metallic paint. When it dried, I had a brainwave to turn these into feathers. I used a black pen to add the details. I think this turned out pretty well.

This is the other non-prompt page I have for today. I used rubber flower stamps and black paint to make this awesome asymmetrical print. I think this looked amazing alone, but to add a bit more I used a green ink pen to write quotes and inspirational snippets all over the pages. I did my best to make my handwriting calligraphy-esque. It's not exactly poetry, but it works for me.

This page I was skeptical about, but I like this a lot. The prompt is to create scribbles, and I thought a fun idea was to put the scribbles inside a stained-glass window. To really get that smooth, shiny effect I chose to use my glass paints. I don't have much (or any) experience actually using them on glass, but I have used them on paper so that's something. I didn't have many colour choices so I did my best. Well, until it dried and I noticed that the paint was cracking all over the page. I applied more thick coats, and it looks better on camera because there is some definite scars. 

This might be one of my favourite prompts I've done so far. The left page says to draw something old, and the right page says to draw something new. On the left, I drew some of my things when I was a child. There's this polka dot dress I had, which matched my teddy bear's dress. There's this heart necklace that I had lost. Where did it go? The police are still investigating the case. That butterfly shirt was my favourite, and I saved up my allowance to buy this plastic cupcake ring. You could flip it open and used the lip gloss inside. Little-kid me was mind-blown. The right has something I hope to come in the future - a Silver Fashionista store. Maybe someday?

 I saved one of the bests for last. This prompt was inspired by Moriah Elizabeth's Create This Book 2 (check it out :) and I wrote down the first random animal, colour and addition that came to mind. A magenta candy panda? Alright! I sketched this lazy magenta panda, which was a nice and simple task. Now for the candy. I make one of the ears chocolate-dipped (pretty cute) and added a candy crown on it's head. Like a flower crown, only better because there's marshmallows, chocolate, fondant, mints, fruity candies... yum! 

Thank you so much for reading. This will be my last post before Christmas, so have a happy holidays everyone!!!


  1. OMG these are all incredible and I especially like the mirror and the feathers! see you soon!

  2. Hi, I am Gauri. I have nominated you for Liebster Award! You could read the rules here: I would really appreciate if you participate ❤

    1. Hi, I’d love to! Thanks so much. It will have to be in a few weeks or so, but I really appreciate the nomination.

    2. Merry Christmas, everyone! Just wanted to let you know that although Christmas is coming to an end Blogmas will not be. I have two more: a Christmas haul and New Year's post, so do not fret and stay tuned!


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