Blogmas #1! 20+ DIY Christmas Gifts

I know that Blogmas or Vlogmas means that you have to post everyday, but... I'm still in school, and there is no way I could post that often without mentally going insane. Now, with the holidays coming up I get resourceful (cheap) so I like making my gifts for others. It can be hard deciding what to make, though! So here are twenty gift ideas for you!

This is my Winter Break Survival Kit. I have fuzzy socks, super fuzzy knitted socks, cute red gloves, a Santa Claus (don't do cannibalism) made of chocolate, and a mug. It's painted with a gingerbread man and stocking - so perfect!

Everyone appreciates a homemade baked good. My grandma made these muffins for us and they're almost completely gone! 

This DIY isn't as simple and accessible for everyone, unlike the last, but I made this mug and painted it at a pottery class a year ago. Even if you just painted a mug with porcelain paint/markers, that would look great. Mine is slanted and has a huge handle, but I actually kind of like it!

To make a glitter globe, just dump glitter, beads, water and a bit of food dye into a jar. If you want to add a figurine to the bottom use hot-glue  to stick it to the inside of the lid. Mine is purple and pink, since I wanted it to tie into my room. I'm not giving this baby to anyone! I did tie a festive ribbon around the top though, just for your aesthetic experience.

Make a pass-the-parcel gift! Except give it to only one person so they're the total winner. If you prefer getting a lot of tiny gifts vs one huge gift this is for you. Also, I just think this is a really fun way to open a present.

I thought this was a cute idea. I made this little doily room decor and I think it would look really cute on a dresser with some jewelry, like I showed here!

Make something sentimental. I did this with my daycare when I was a little girl. You can find lots of similar, cute ideas online that your relative will want to keep forever.

A ribbon is a good way to make a necklace. Just don't buy a crimped one like mine! My ribbon has a few creases, but I think the colours are very festive and a good substitute from having to buy a chain.

If you have to make a ton of small gifts a great idea is to buy a ton of chocolates and cookies, and package them all together in some cute way to make an assortment. This is great for people on diets or specific taste, because you can create an assortment of goodies just for them!

All of you have seen these fabric bangles, but these are totally doable for you guys to recreate. Hot glue, plastic bracelets, fabric scarps and five minutes of your time! I bet you could find some great holiday prints to make this seasonally appropriate.

Make ornaments! The one on the right was made out of paper and glue, with some string to form the loop. On the right, I bought a cheap, plain plastic ball and used glue and glitter to add silver stripes inspired by designs I saw online. To get the really neat stripes use washi tape.

Try making a necklace charm with clay. I used polmer clay, which you bake in the stove. When it was hard I hot-glued a jump ring to the back and slipped a chain through it. Ta-da! Whoever you give this to will love it. I think this marble design is very chic.

I saw this idea online, and I thought it was so cute. It's a literal pillow present! Take a long piece of ribbon - like, reeeaaallly long - and tie your pillow like a present! I wish I had a red pillow, but I'm working with what I got.

My sister made this Christmas elf figure a few years ago. She used air-dry clay and it turned out pretty cute. It's up sitting on our mantel now.

Masks may not be the most fun of gifts, but if they're cute like these it's not so bad! You know, I think a homemade gift is the best kind.

This is my favourite idea in this post. If someone went to the trouble of making me this little beauty jar, I would cry. It's so cute, that's all I can say! I stuffed a mason jar with a ton of lip glosses, lotions, eyeshadow and some jewelry. My personal touch is a little bracelet around the rim.

One thing I've got into from watching Moriah Elizabeth is painting squishies. This is my latest creation: a little hot chocolate with extra chocolate sauce. Make sure to use fabric paint and apply several coats. The paint came out kind of bumpy here, but it looks good enough! 

These are the first thing I've ever needlefelted - and gosh, does it ever look great! Turns out, needlefelting is actually super easy and you can buy a kit with everything you need for four dollars at Dollerama. You essentially take a piece of wool and stab it over and over until it compacts into the shape you want. 

This idea is more of an "experience," I'd call it. Because of COVID, there aren't as many chances to see your friends or try new things but you still can, virtually! Sign you and your gift-receiver up for a virtual class or program together. I'll bet you'll have a lot of fun.


DIY or thrift-flip something is such a personal, sweet way to make somebody very happy on Christmas. These are a few of the many no-sew DIY ideas on my blog. For more, check out the links below!

This is also a no-sew project. I made these two headbands by wrapping yarn or string around a plain band. Brush some glue onto it, and wrap the yarn tightly together. To switch colours, like I did, tie the end on the inside. Pretty simple and looks great!


  1. Hope this was helpful. Merry early Christmas! 🌲

  2. Wow how do you think of all these things? Brilliant! When will you bust out the green and gold? Not too seasonal yet eh?

    1. Well, we put up our tree today! It may not seem so on my pink blog, but I'm feeling very festive. Look for great Blogmas posts to come!

  3. Hey, You seem so creative! I really like the bracelets idea, and maybe I'll make one too. And that jar is a cool idea! <3


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