Blogmas #2: Holiday Outfit Lookbook!!!

I know doing a holiday lookbook doesn't make all too much sense, because I don't think anyone is having parties or going out this year, but I still wanted to give you some awesome festive looks! I've been looking forward for a chance to post really fancy outfits, and this is it!

This first outfit is very fancy, the fanciest of them all. I put it first because I'm not sure if anyone will have a chance to wear such as outfit this year (sob) however I couldn't resist a snowy, all-white look. I started off with my second-fanciest dress. This has a gorgeous layered white skirt, which I think is very elegant and dreamy. However, since the bodice is black I covered that up with a thrifted fur cape. I've only ever worn this once, since it's so over the top, but it's very luxurious. Finally, I added my pearl barrettes. This monochrome look came together pretty well!


I tried to keep some of the other looks a bit more casual. I also wanted to show off this sweater dress I own, which is so appropriate for winter. However, it can be a bit young for my age so I styled it with my beloved moto jacket, tights, as well as some red jewelry. There's a beaded necklace, and yes, those are indeed candy cane earrings. I always know the holidays are starting when I see candy canes around!


This look is wonderful, because there is no need to sacrifice comfort for style. I’m pretty sure this is what a princess would wear to a slumber party - am I right? I chose this pink sweater, complete with small golden hearts, and chose out this skirt I sewed. I think the way the sweater drapes over it is actually pretty flattering. I finished everything off with pale golden flats.


I think this look is great for this year, since nobody's having parties but I still like to dress up for family dinner. I sewed this flowy indigo top a while back, and I thought the ruffle on the bottom would hang really nicely over a more structured skirt like this one. So my legs don't snap off from the cold, I chose knitted gray tights and some black boots that perfectly match my skirt. The shoes and the tights photograph a bit awkwardly, but you get the idea.


This outfit is all about the fabrics: velvet, tulle, cotton and more! I chose a navy velvet blazer, which is a little conservative for my taste. I mean, I’m not skimpy but it’s a little too... person-in-a-office for me so I added some fun with a navy puff of a skirt. However, now I thought this look was to dark so I contrasted that with a bright white top. The juxtapositions came out well.


Speaking of awkward photos, I think this is just a bit... unbalanced. I wanted to do a New Years look, so I pulled out all the sequins. This gold top is maybe not as loud as it could be, but I think it still has that iconic sequin-explosion the new year rings in. I wanted black and gold, but I couldn't find a good black skirt that'd match so I pulled out black dress slacks. Finally, I added black accessories that are all complete with gold details. There's a purse, a scarf, a headband... perfect!


I wanted to style a traditional Chinese dress. I think this blue one is very nice (it’s royal blue) and added a gray long-sleeved top for some warmth. Finally, I styled the classic dress with black heeled boots. These are my mom’s, but in classic style I borrowed them for the photo. What do you think?


Now for the looks styled by my friends. I thought I'd ask them to include some looks to show some different styles on my blog. This one is my friend T's, who actually gave me the idea for this post (thank you, it was a fantastic idea.) She took a beautiful red dress, which I love the lace bodice of, and added this white cardigan. It looks so fuzzy and so soft, so please tell me where it's from. She chose brown flats, which I think look very nice. Brown is good because its less harsh than black shoes. Finally, there's a pretty necklace.


One of my friends from my old school put this together, which I was hopeful for something like this because plaid skirts are very festive and I don't have any green so far in this post. (I just hope this isn't your school uniform skirt, though :) She paired it with a floral blouse, which has elbow-length sleeves. I think the whole look is very earthy-toned, and she finished it with these cool clog shoes. At least, in the photo they look like clogs - I'm pretty sure that's what they are.


Is there such thing as too much glitter? Just asking for a friend. My sister put together this festive number, also with a red holiday dress. This one is a little more casual though, perfect for this year. I like the glitter polka-dots, and how she matched that with a sparkly gold shrug and a sparkly necklace. She got this necklace for five dollars from a thrift sale, but it's so pretty and I love it. J also has tights, which is helpful because I didn't include them for many of my own outfits here :)


Now, I'm not saying that I've saved the best look for last but you know how it works out sometimes. This outfit is non-traditional, since it's pink and rose-gold, but oh! I love it so much. I started with this new pink mesh top I bought and I don't think you've seen it yet. It's all I've been looking for in a top - rose gold dots, ruffled sleeves, and a bow in the back. I paired it with this white skirt, which I think is the only white bottoms I own. I have a pink purse, a pink headband that I like because when you wear it it looks like a crown. Finally, I threw in this body spray bottle because it matches the colour scheme and I want that aesthetic.


  1. Very proud of this post! Hope you like it

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks 😊 please check out my first Blogmas post (DIY CHRISTMAS GIFTS) for some more festive ideas!

  3. Ah glitter. You can't go wrong with glitter and shimmer!

  4. These are super cool! My favorite was the "Skater Chic" one!

  5. Merry Christmas, everyone! Just wanted to let you know that although Christmas is coming to an end :( Blogmas will not be. I have two more: a Christmas haul and New Year's post, so do not fret and stay tuned everyone! Also, I'm wearing my festive Christmas dress, which I've worn the past three years. It's so red and wonderful. Hope you've had a good day!


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