Blogmas #3: Christmas Haul + Make My Gifts W. Me!

Merry Christmas! Hope you're having a good day and spending more time with your family than watching/reading Christmas hauls on the internet. But I really appreciate you taking some time to read this! I have a third holiday/Blogmas post for y'all. First, I'd like to show you some of the DIY gifts I've made for others this year.

First up are the gifts I made for my sister J. A while back I turned the bottom of a Chinese dress into a skirt for her. However, I kept the rest of the dress and turned it into the matching shrug. All I really had to do was hem the bottom and now she has the set. Ta-da! As for the hair clip, I took a scrap of fabric and hemmed the edges all around. Then I glued it to a failed DIY barrette so it can have a better new look. 

For my grandma, I sewed her this shoulder tote bag. This actually used to be her old sundress she gave to me for fabric, and now she has the dress back as a bag! Hopefully this version is more practical for her. It was easy to sew, as I kind of just used the top half of the dress. The straps are the straps from the dress, and then I cut down and straight across.

I've been doing some origami recently, and I perfected these adorable heart boxes. I made these for two of my aunts - one's red and black, the other purple and navy. YouTube has some great tutorials if you want to learn to make these. They're actually a lot easier than a regular origami box.

I had this beautiful charm bracelet set, and I made the one on the right for one of my oldest friends T. A little bit cheesy, but I knew she'd like it. Mine (on the left) has a key, and hers has the lock. She can keep adding to it as she goes.

Right off the bat, here's the best thing I got: a dress form! She was easy to assemble and I rearranged my room to find space. This will be so helpful for pattern making and taking really nice blog photos. I'll have to figure out the lighting, but I'm very happy with her. I've named her Elisabeth, but that's temporary since I'm not sure if it suits her. I'd love name suggestions! Comment down below.

I these accessories in my stocking. This a silver chocker necklace that no one knew I wanted, but Santa got it right again. Love! Most of my jewelry is silver, and I love being able to layer my necklaces so having this shorter silver one is pretty helpful. The bobby pins are very pretty as well.


I also got this beautiful jewelry dish - so pretty, thank you so much! I love the metallic gold reindeer, and once I clean off my dresser I'll put it there. Last year for Christmas I got a rose gold bunny dish, and I think they will go very well together. To put on it I have this bracelet my sis made me. I love the colours and it's so pretty.


I have some clothes to show off briefly from Zara, including this lovely purple blouse. It's more bohemian than I usually wear but it's so nice and will look great with a black skirt like this. I love jean skirts, but I think black is a little more classy and will work better for my wardrobe. Also, the tie in the front is a really cool touch.

Thank you so much for all the gifts from everyone. If you did not see yours here, I love it as much as everything else but I just chose the sewing and clothing-related gifts to post since that's what my blog is about. Also, just a disclaimer, but I was not trying to brag about anything at all. Other than that, Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Spoiler alert, but my final Blogmas/holiday post is My Most-Worn Clothes Of 2020. Don't miss it!

  2. It looks like Xmas turned out very well for you! All the best in 2021, even for the Packers???

    1. haha. I had a great Christmas and good luck with your football!


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