*My* Closet Essentials

When you read articles or watch videos about closet essentials, they're always telling you that you need a black t-shirt, white sneakers, or a little black dress. However, I don't own any of those! My sneakers are purple. My little black dress, is a extra extra black ballgown. For a long time I thought I wasn't qualified to talk about closet essentials. However, I now realize I can - just Silver Fashionista style. 

A Neutral Shirt For Layering

Like I said, I don't own a plain black or plain white tee, just because (for me) they're too simple of a silhouette. However, I agree that it helps to have a solid-coloured shirt which is why I love this top so much. It's plain white and perfect for layering! I always look for a few things in a plain shirt. First, a good length. For me, that's not too long but can still be tucked in. I also like a thick and soft material, so it's comfy but can also be layered without it showing what's underneath. If the sleeves are too big, it makes your arms shorter and puny. These are all points to consider when buying a top.

sewing the shirt

A Fancy Top For Jeans

For all those lazy days, you will want a neutral shirt that pairs with jeans and looks fancy. This kind of top is a hero. For me, it's all in the detail work and I love the buttons, the lace fabric and the tint of gold. Look for a neutral colour that you know will pair well with your existing wardrobe. Most of my bottoms are a darker colour, which will contrast nicely with my lighter top. If you wear a lot of blue, white or gray pants you might want a black top instead. 

My 101 To Jeans

Who could've guessed jeans would be in this post? Not me! The first I like in jeans is a navy blue colour. I think they work the best with my wardrobe because (this is just personal preference) I think black jeans are impossible to keep clean and lightwash ones always seem too casual. I wear a lot of stretchy, flexible denim but a thick, stiff pair is like the weight of all your bedcovers - comforting. Look at the rise as well. When I wear anything low-waisted I feel like my pants are falling off, so near the belly-button is where I want them to be. The last thing, of course, is the length. Ankle-length is ideal but you can always cuff your jeans or cut the hem if they're too long.

Leggings For A Dress

As a hater of leggings, I never would've considered them a wardrobe essential but maybe they are! I love skirts and dresses, but as I live in a country where it's not always summer I don't want my legs to freeze in the other nine months. I end up wear leggings underneath all the time. I always make sure they aren't itchy, because for me nine times out of ten they're uncomfortable. Make sure the elastic waistband isn't too tight, and that the fabric isn't too thin (unless if you want to show your underwear lines.) I like mine just a little bit stretchy, but mostly cotton.

A Little Coloured Dress

I don't own a little black dress, but I am generally a fan of a twirly sundress that's colourful, girly and casual enough to wear on a random day without nobody questioning you. When it comes to the silhouette, I like fit-and-flare because they're comfy, modest and I just feel so pretty in them. I like short dresses and skirts, but not too short obviously. I also look for a comfortable material and sleeveless - perfect for snowy December. These two I like because of the nautical print and the lilac colour. They can be dressed up with some jewelry and heels, or dressed down with a big jacket and sneakers.

A Big Winter Sweater

There is nothing better than starting the day with a warm, cuddly sweater. However, I try to avoid walking around like a lump each day because if I wear something too... lumpy I just feel really depressed and unmotivated. So in a sweater I look for a fun design or uplifting colour. I bought this last week, and it's the prettiest shade of coral. I don't like them to be baggy, that way I can still tuck them into a skirt, but I look for a thick, high-quality knit. Not the kind with all these little holes, nuh-uh. The last thing I look for is no low necklines! When I wear a sweater, I throw on some random shirt and I don't like that random shirt to peek out underneath. I'm loving this turtleneck. If only I could wear this sweater every day!

Leather Or Denim... Jackets!

As you can tell from every blog post I make, I am a huge leather jacket lover. I own two, but this one is my favourite. I think they work really well for my style, compared to the classic denim jacket. Since I wear jeans every day, I can't wear a denim jacket too often. Then I'll be sporting that Canadian Tuxedo, and I'm not that patriotic! I make sure my leather jackets aren't too baggy. I generally prefer a cropped jacket, which is a little more flattering. The last thing to look for is that the sleeves aren't too tight to avoid that sausage sleeve-within-a-sleeve feeling. Otherwise you might not be able to lift your arms!

Cute Boots

For shoes, my wardrobe staple are boots. I like how they look on your feet, even though that sounds really weird, and I think they're wearable for all ages. They come in a ton of cool designs and can be just as comfy as sneakers! You can buy heeled boots like these, which just make me feel sew fancy, or flat boots. I like ankle boots, Docs, heeled combat boots or comfy slipper ones like Uggs. These also, for whatever reason, boost my confidence so much. This (with the leather jacket) is what I aspire to be.

A Set Of Jewelry

Last but not least I have a matching set of jewelry. I'd go for either gold, silver, black or white to keep everything unified. My set is white, which you can obviously see in the photo. I have a statement bag with a gold chain, my pearl hair clips I wear every other day and my pearl ring I wear every single day. You really just want one common colour between accessories. The simplest way is all black shoes, purse, gloves, etc. I like mine to be a little funky and statement. 

That's it for today ❤


  1. Hope my take on wardrobe essentials is useful! By the way, I do have a leather jacket but I'd love more! On my Christmas wishlist :)

  2. So glad you included accessories at the end, as they are (usually) an affordable thing that can really make an outfit zing, particularly if they have a football theme n'est-ce pas?


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