My Most-Worn Clothes Of 2020

 Happy New Year, everyone! This is my final holiday/Blogmas post. Remember how excited were were for the new decade a year ago? What a disappointment 2020 was. I thought this would be a cool blog post to do, as since I started my blog last July my style has changed a lot. Here are my most-worn clothes of the year!

First of all I have (my only) solid-coloured shirts. I love patterns and cool designs, but I think the reason I wear these so much is because they are perfect for building an awesome outfit around, especially featuring the clothing I make. 

This red one is my plainest of shirts. I wasn't sure how much I would wear it when I first bought it a few years ago, because I didn't even like red that much, but it quickly became a staple. I found that the colour goes really well with my navy jeans and other clothing. There are so many outfits I can make with this shirt. I got this from Joe Fresh, but you can go almost anywhere for a basic shirt. Most importantly, it's affordable and comfy.

check out #7 for an outfit w. this

This shirt I thrifted years ago, but I loved it right away. Since the sleeves are lace, it's a good year-round piece for me as it's not too hot in the summer but works well enough for winter. I can get past a slight chill! It's a little more special than a regular cotton shirt since it has a lace print. It's like a subtle patterned piece. I think it was originally from H&M. It's now starting to look a little bit cropped on me, but I won't stop wearing it! Even if I don't liked cropped shirts, this is my exception.

the shirt

The third top I was talking about was my white paneled Silver Fashionista top. 2020 was a big "experimental layering year" for me. Mainly, layering tank tops over long-sleeved tops. For example, after I made this all I wanted to wear for a month was this white one over that blue lace shirt from before. I think the shape turned out beautiful and it's a little more grown-up compared to most of my clothes. At first I called this a corset top, because of the panels, but now I realized aren't corsets strapless? Even if I don't know what to call this shirt, it's still great. I want to try wearing this over long-sleeved dresses - I think that will look fab.

sewing the shirt

The problem I encountered while making this post was that I try not to wear an article of clothing too often, so for skirts it was very hard to decide on my most-worn. Finally, I chose this one bewcause I think it goes well with my whole style. I love leather, since it's such a cool and edgy fabric, but in the form of a skirt it's classy. It fits me so well and I love the silver buttons all the way down the middle. Most leather skirts I've seen before are pleated, but I like the miniskirt pencil shape of this one. I've been wearing it with a cute sweater, tucked in on the corner, which is very Pinterest-girl chic. It's from H&M, I believe.

These are the H&M skinny super soft jeans. Most of my jeans look like this - plain and darkwash - but these fit me like a glove and are still stretchy enough for me to run around comfortably. I know you're thinking, who works out in jeans? Well, I do. My school had to remove the changing rooms at the start of the year, and I refuse to wear leggings for an entire day, so these jeans are perfect for me. The reason why I gravitate towards this darker colour - I've explained it before but I'll say it again - is because I think this is the most practical and classy colour for jeans. Light/acid wash is too blue and doesn't go as well with my clothes, while black is impossible to keep clean.  

I made these jeans with the star patches right before school started, and I wear them at least once a week. They're very confortable, and I'm just very proud of how the DIY turned out. It's always exciting to wear something you made and hope somebody asks you about them, just so you can say that you made it. They were originally also from H&M (H&M jeans are the best, trust me!) which is affordable and looks great without denim stars sewed on it. If you want some advice on choosing a pair of jeans, check this link out here:

You all knew, you had to have known, that you would see my moto jacket. When I wear this jacket I feel so brave and stylish and like I can do anything. I feel kinda slick, like a spy, and I think other people see me as confident when I wear this. It always looks black in photos, but it's actually the same indigo/navy as most of my jeans. I usually pair it with a colouful top for some contrast. If you want proof on how much I wear this, I'll just say that the kids in my class can clarify. Some people have litteraly made fun of me for wearing this all the time, but it's my grown-up baby blanket and I will never let this go.

Here is my most-worn jewelry of the year. I never used to like bracelets that much, since I found they never fit my tiny wrist, but these beaded charm bracelets are stretchy. They're both handmade, bought seperately, and my grown-up version of a beaded bracelet. The colours go well together and seperately with the colours in my wardrobe, and they're very kawaii. However, besides these coloured bracelets all my jewelry is silver. These earrings are super lightweight, but I love hoops or dangly ones since they make more of a statement. I actually bought these from Old Navy, which I don't shop at all too much but these are the best.

This bag is very old, and while it's a little inconvenient to have a backpack and have to take it completely off your back in order to open it, 9.5 times out of 10 I bring this when I go out. When we could go out, I mean! #StayAtHome I bought it many years ago from Justice, so the glitter is flaking off piece by piece and the edges have gone from gray to brownish, but there are no Justice stores where I live so I'm keeping it going. When the stores were still here, I loved going to Justice just to look around. Most of the time, I never bought anything but my fashion-addict heart just likes shopping for clothes for design inspiration. The pink walls, the accessories, the shoe wall! Ooh

I have a little bonus (or a cheat, depending on how you look at it) for the end of this post. A few weeks ago, I bought this sweater/shirt from - not H&M, but Zara! I really tricked you there huh. While I've only worn it five times, I know it will be a most-worn for me in 2021 since I have been looking for something just like this for so long. I love the white ribbed material and puff sleeves, but best of all are the fake pearls on the puff sleeves. I love, love, love this. I've been wearing it with a long-sleeved shirt underneath, that way it's a bit warmer. The white is classic but the pearls are elegant and the puff is girly - so sweet! Along with my white tank from before I think this will also become my cute-outfit-with-jeans combo.

That's everything for today, and 2020! Honestly, the best thing of my past year was starting this blog and I'm so happy with what I post. I love getting comments from all of you and wish you a very happy new year!

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  1. The Silver Fashionsta's #1 Fan!December 31, 2020 at 11:21 AM

    These are all so nice! I'm thnking about starting a blog, any tips?

    1. Aw, love your username! I’ve actually been thinking about making a post on how to start a blog, but my main tips are:
      1. Don’t copy anyone else’s blog. Make sure you have those things that set your blog apart
      2. Make sure you like what you are writing about. If you wouldn’t read it why would anyone else?
      Thanks so much for reading!

  2. That leather skirt is awesome!! Love this blog post!!

    1. Thanks1 I got it from H&M kids. I bought it in the fall, so it's probably on discount now!

  3. Haha if I had a blog to show my most-used item I wear, it would be my totally dilapidated slippers!

    1. Yeah, I bet most peoples's most-worn item are sweats. The whole mood of 2020!

  4. So glad I found this blog! That jacket is really cool, and your blog is so pretty!


  5. Hey everyone, I meant to announce this earlier but starting tomorrow, I’ll be doing Fashion Week on my blog! Come back everyday for new outfit/fashion inspiration. Thanks again to everyone who filled out my poll!

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