My Recent Sewing Spree

Whew, haven't done one of these in a while! Not to say that I haven't been sewing, but a lot of it were gifts for others that I couldn't yet show. Fortunately, today's the day!

First of all, is this top which was a gift... to myself. This top has a little backstory as well. The first piece of clothing I ever sewed was a dress made of this fabric. It was mediocre at best. However, when I outgrew it I was going to turn it into a skirt, never got around to it, found the dress-skirt-almost-shirt and turned it into a cute strappy top! The skirt already had a ruffle around it, which I thought was really nice and I used elastic to give that a little more emphasis. I hemmed a few edges, sewed straps on and voila! I think this print is amazing - a balance between cute and vintagey and a little spunky, which is all I look for. It's the print you would find on a baby's blanket but style it, making it fashion!

Next are a couple of accessories for my sister, who's birthday we just passed. Happy Birthday J! I made her two scrunchies (of course.) I thought this white one was very classic, and I know she's always eyed the fabric on the right. These were straight-forward and easy.

Scrunchie Tutorial

I also have a pair of puffy-paint printed socks, which sounds funny but I've done it before and it turned out really cute. She loves yellow, and her favorite shape is a triangle. These are her personalized joke gift but she will probably wear them! I bet she needed more socks, too - she's always wearing mine!

 The Original Puffy-Paint Socks

Lastly, I made her this green scarf. It's actually the rest of the fabric from a top I made her back in the day (as in October) and this was a very simple project. A great colour for this time of year too! This took, like, fifteen minutes because it was originally a loop of fabric I'd cut off of an old shirt so I just had to hem the edge!

The Matching Top

Last but not least, these gloves are a thing... but a very funny one at that! I saw this idea online - the wonders of the internet - and knew I had to try it out. I wanted some contrast so I used pink embroidery thread. I don't know how to embroider, so I kinda make it up as I go along but they turned out good! Cozy & Warm - doesn't that say December?

This isn't sewing, but something I just wanted to show y'all. I've been doing origami lately (shoutout to my teacher who found me a great book on making origami clothes!) I decided to string them into a garland and hang them up. Now I have a little fashion wall in my room, and I think it looks amazing.


  1. I have a quick survey for you today! It can be hard coming up with titles for these sewing haul posts that I haven't used before. Would you just like me to rename all of them "Things I've Sewed Pt. 1?" Please comment down below what's better - different titles or a series!

  2. Hi!! I Think you are an amazing Fashion designer and insporation!! You inspired me to start my own fashion blog! Thank youuuu! Please check it out, and comment/subscribe It would mean so much to me!

  3. Gloves pretty please??? Great work!


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