One-Minute Outfit Challenge! Can I Do It?

Right off the bat I'm telling you that this is totally a clickbait title, but I do love the idea of this post. How quick can I put together an amazing outfit? Usually, it takes me at least ten minutes. Since this isn't a video, you may be suspicious that I went over a minute choosing these outfits. Quick disclaimer, but I just want to say I didn't cheat. 

I was given some fun themes to follow and tried to make the looks as detailed as possible. I will mention I did not include shoes for any of the looks as all my shoes are downstairs and it would take up all
of my time just to go get them. 

1. Picnic In The Park

With this first theme I was off to a rocky start. I had three piles of clothes on my bed, and I was going for something lacy and white. Now I have the perfect idea in my head, but under the pressure I couldn’t figure that out so here’s the result. I planned on adding some jewelry and a bag, however I had ran out of time to grab them. Still, I chose some out to take the photo of what I was trying to achieve. I do think the denim jacket and dress go well together, and it’s very springy but maybe a bit... formal? Conservative? Let’s see if I came up with something better next round.

2. A Prominent Beauty Pageant

Right away, I knew I needed my fanciest dress, which would be my black gown. I quickly found my black cape as well, since I wanted an all-black look. I found some silver bracelets to match the jewel waistband, and this black velvet headband matching the cape. The one thing about this outfit that I didn’t like was, at the time, I had a black purse. However, the fixtures on it were gold and didn’t go. This photo shows what the perfect outfit would’ve been.

3. New Year's Disco

I knew right away something loud and sparkly. However, I do not have many “loud” clothes. This was my best attempt, done right to the last second. I chose this skirt, which I’d used in my holiday lookbook, but styled it differently with this golden-white blouse. It’s all lacy, and the skirt is very short - perfect for New Year’s! Finally, I grabbed any gold&white or gold&black accessories I could find. I can’t see myself ever wearing this, and generally for New Years I would go for all-black, but it looks oh-kay.

4. A Day At The Office

I’ve never had a day at the office, so I had to try and guess what someone would wear to a business meeting. I have a few work blazers, one with pinstripes and one that's solid black, and since I wouldn't have time to try both I grabbed the black one. I didn't have any suit-like pants, so I ended up with a dress. This one has some kind of blue quilted fabric, which is very formal. Finally, I chose a bag. I have this blue purse, and I'm not sure if they cyan and royal blue go well together but it was a good idea. 

5. A Summer Paradise

This is my favourite look in the entire post, which is funny because when I made this cropped tank and skirt I didn't think of it as a set, since I'm not a matchy top-and-bottom person, but it's so cute! I can't wait for summer so I can wear this. I added some white accessories to really put this over the top - a pearl headband, bracelet and my beautiful heart bag. I feel like the jewelry makes it a little too fancy, but who really cares?

6. Snow Day 

This challenge took me only 38 seconds. Can you believe it? That is by far my record from this competition. I had the perfect idea in mind, right away, so I just grabbed the clothes and laid them out. I was so excited I was done that I slapped the timer off, but I probably should've used the remaining seconds to go back ad fix this. I feel like the bottom half and the top half don't go together. Is that just me? I don't love this, but now (at least) I have so many better ideas for a snow day look.

7. Pretty-In-Pink Barbie

Barbie is a bit more of a bubblegum gal than the dusky, pastel rose colours in this look but I like it! I wanted to use my beautiful shirt I featured in my last post right away, with a pink skirt. I have a lot of those, and ended up with this one. Finally, I chose a pink bobble hair clip and rose gold bracelets. I was trying to figure out if the dots on my shirt are gold or rose gold as I was rushing around my room, but I saw my rose gold bangles first so that was my decision.

This was one of the most fun I've had with blog posts before. Hope you all enjoyed!


  1. I love this post! I'd tell you my favorite outfit but I can't decide! they all look so good! Can't wait to post our collab :)

  2. What looks do you like best? Thanks for reading and have a great day!

  3. I'm going with picnic in the park! Great work as always


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