OOTW - Fall/Winter 2020 (95% True)

Sometimes, its a struggle to think of blog ideas. Since I post so frequently, I got to stay organized. I absolutely love the idea of OOTW, so here's what I wore last week. It is all true (except for footwear, since I wore winter boots because it's cold.)

Monday: I wanted to start the week off with a cool-girl outfit. I never wear this white top, since it's more boho and loose than I usually like. I realized it's all about the styling, so I wore it with my moto jacket. Who saw that coming? I wore my favourite jeans and these earrings that tie everything together. This was also one of those days when I wore winter boots, but they aren't so cute so I chose out these for the photo instead.

Tuesday: I woke up feeling neutral so I chose plain jeans, a b&w striped top and my white tank over it. To tie everything together I wore my black boots and white hair clips. I'm a bit more colourful, generally, but I like this a lot. It's a good way to make a statement in silhouettes.

white shirt

Wednesday: Today I found this sweater at the bottom of my drawer. It's maybe a bit babyish for my age but it's so cute and I love foxes. I wore that tucked into my black leather skirt. There's been a lot of leather in this blog post so far. Why are all my favourite clothing made of leather? I wasn't planning on freezing that day, so I wore leggings underneath. I also had no school and barely went outside, so I don't have shoes for this look. #Relatable, I guess.

Thursday: Another shirt I never wear is this blouse, which is so cute but very summery. However, this year has been a big layering extravaganza for me. What I'm trying to say is, I never would've thought to put a T-shirt over a long-sleeve last spring, but now I do that all the time. Today, I wore this lace button-up over a red long-sleeve. I have jeans (of course) and my floral shoes.

the shoes

Friday: I've been wearing those sleeveless tops I sew with cardigans all the time now. This pastel one has pink in the pattern, which exactly matches this sweater. It's perfect, and I also wore my heart jeans for a bit more of a cutesy flair. I can't remember what shoes I wore, so lets go with these to complete the soft look.

Saturday: I just wanted to be cozy, so I have jeans (are we surprised?) a big crewneck sweater, my tall boots from earlier and a little silk scarf. These used to be my trademark, tied around my neck and I think I should bring them back! I bought this one on a countryside trip.

Sunday: Today was one of those days where my anxiety was really high, and for the life of me I couldn't pick out an outfit suitable for the day. But after a half hour (plus) and ten different options I settled on this. I wore this shirt, but obviously its not the warmest so I added a hot pink cardigan that ties in with the pink perfectly. You may notice this top is actually backwards, but it's just a straight-across neckline I figure it works both ways! I chose a reliable pair of jeans, my floral boots and was (finally) ready to go.

the shirt

That's my OOTW! I plan on making some more of these in the future. Enjoy!


  1. As always, thanks for reading! I have a quick poll on my next blog post. Would you like me to do a wardrobe essentials or a winter haul? Let me know! I have two votes towards a wardrobe essentials post so far

  2. So well-dressed!!! Where's the green and gold??

    1. You know what, I don't have many green clothes and all the green clothes I have are currently missing. Hope I find them soon!

  3. Absolutely love all the outfits, especially the Wednesday one(love the skirt with the buttons up the front. Also, in my opinion I think u should definetly bring back the scarf-around-the-neck look(u know I love stylish scarfs)!

  4. Your Sunday outfit is my fav. So colourful and cheery! Plus, Doc Martens are always on trend.


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