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I have some big news! 

It’s huge news.

How do I tell you guys?




In the spring, I’m going to (locally) start selling secondhand clothing I’ve DIYed to raise money for charity. I live in Canada, so apologies to international fans! More details to come. 

Anyway, I collected old secondhand clothes from my friends and their families (thank you!) and have already started DIYing them for my inventory. Everything in this post will eventually be sold. I even remembered to take before-and-after photos for you (a first.) I have quite a pile to show you, and of course all with a label.

Let me introduce you to our model, Elisabeth, my new dress form. She's a little shy, but the things I make always look better with her in photos. The first thing I chose to DIY (Do It Yourself) was this pink-and-blue tye-dye top. Two problems: the Abercrombie logo and that button detail in the front, which I hated. What I ended up doing was sewing a double-hem at the bottom to hide the logo underneath, and I turned the front of the top into the back. I cut off the buttons in the back. However, that left little holes so I sewed a line down the back of the ruffle.

I had these two cotton dresses from H&M (thanks, V)  that were perfect for turning into little peplum tops. I cut across the bottom and hemed them. Ta-da! Peplums are one piece I especially want to showcase at my market booth. To add a little more, I sewed a pocket onto the navy floral one. I outlines it with white fabric paint to make it pop out a little more.

A Similar Project

This skirt took less than ten minutes to make, but it's definitely my favourite thing from this post. I'm tempted to keep it. The waistband is so stretchy, but also high-waisted and it fits many sizes very well. For me, it comes to right above my knee. I just cut the top half of the dress and finished off the waistband. Easy-peasy and j'adore this skirt.

From little-girl sweater dress to big-girl sweater vest! This preppy argile is pretty trendy, so I thought I'd turn it into a on-trend piece for a tween/teenage girl. I cut the bottom and hemed it, like I did with the peplum tops. There were also these little rhinestones sewed onto the front, which I cut off. That left a few small holes, which I fixed. Finally, I added a Silver Fashionista label et voila!

I also got this summer dress. I could've turned this into another peplum top easily, but I wanted to be experimental and try something new. I decided to cut the dress in half, making the bottom a casual skirt and the top a shrug. Now. they could be a set and be worn with a simple top underneath, shown here, but I think I'll sell them seperately because the shrug is definitely a smaller size than the skirt. The skirt was straight-forward: cut, trim, hem the waistband, sew a label on. The top had to be hemed at the bottom and on either side where I cut the front down the middle. Also, can you see how on the before photo the sleeves were sewed upward? Strain your eyes, please, to see that. Well, I cut those loops to add little cap sleeves to the shrug.

Last but not least is this knitted vest thing. Problem number one: the straps were way too long for a kid, so I sewed those up. However, that resulted in little bumps on your shoulders which looked so funny, but also pretty ugly. I had to re-do that and flatten it out. I also wanted to change the string for the corset/shoelace detail in the front. That was pretty straght-forward. I just pulled the old ribbon out and used a darning needle and pretty white ribbon to re-do the front. The holes were still there, and that was a pretty fun process.

That's everything for today! Let me know what kind of things you'd want me to make more of (to sell) and talk to you soon! 


  1. I'm so excited for spring to come! Better keep sewing to build my inventory, though. What else should I add to it?

  2. You really have a knack for choosing just the right change to the clothes! I love these.

  3. So proud of you!! Would be even prouder if you included some Packers items, sigh...

  4. That red polka dot skirt is super cute! Congrats on starting your own brand. I love that you are finding ways to give new life to old clothes!

    1. I’ve already figured out that the hardest part of this project will be to resist keeping everything I make, haha!

  5. I love the sweater vest thing and the red polka dot skirt is adorable!!! It's so cool that you are starting your own brand!!

    1. Thanks, I’m very excited if it wasn’t obvious in the blog post

  6. The Silver Fashionista's #1 FanDecember 31, 2020 at 11:23 AM


  7. LOVE IT!!! I'm sure your brand will be a huge success!

    1. I'll only be selling locally (can't say where just yet) but thank you :)

  8. Congrats, what a great collection of clothing items that now have a second life! I esp love the peplum tops - so cute. When are you accepting orders?

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