Fashion Week #2: Trendy Tuesday!

Welcome to the Silver Fashionista’s first-ever fashion week! You’re very lucky to be here, folks. Please don’t insult any of the models or interrupt the show. Every day Monday-Sunday I’ll be posting three outfit ideas under a certain theme. Make sure to come back every day!

Today, we’ll be talking about trends. I would say there are two different routes when it comes to trends. There’s the "trendy" look, as in the look that everyone my age wears (sweatpants, hoodies, leggings, t-shirts, sneakers.) The other kind of trendy is the person who follows the fashion trends from designers, influencers, and the fashion world. I’m very happy rocking my style and doing my own thing, but that means I am not trendy at all. However today I’m trying to put together some trendy looks that even I would wear.

First up is the Pinterest-girl chic look. Everyone has seen photos like this online: knee-high black boots, miniskirt, a shirt. Call me basic, but I usually love those looks. Here's my version, with tall black boots, a fuzzy sweater and a leather skirt to match the shoes. I like that my sweater looks either white or blue, depending on the light, because once when I accidentally matched my sister (we were both wearing blue sweaters) I got out of it and said that mine was actually white. Sneaky, huh?

the skirt

To be fair, I'm not sure if the layered look is still on trend, but I like it! I layer sleeveless shirts over long-sleeves regularly. However, the spaghetti-strap/T-shirt look is new for me. I chose a white tee and added a royal blue tank top. I love the tiny rhinestones around the neckline. When it comes to bottoms, I have another black skirt - this time, in denim. I just got this skirt, and I needed to put it in an outfit immediately on my blog. It has a silver accent, too, which matches the jewels on my shirt and the studs on my boots.

the skirt

Oversized clothes and preppy styles are both very in-style. I don't really like oversized clothing and too much preppy-ness leads to private school girl. But the two combined? I was skeptical, but dang it this is so cute! I own a few leather jackets and I think the sage colour is pretty cool. I paired it with a cream-coloured pleated skirt and that same white shirt from before. Fun fact: I always say I don’t have a plain white shirt (I don’t) so when I need one I turn this graphic T-shirt backwards. It’s all fair game online! That's one of the benefit of not modeling on the clothes.

the jacket

That’s it for today. Make sure to comment down below what look you liked the best! Thanks for coming to Fashion Week and see the other shows below!

Minimalist Monday


  1. If you want a spoiler, tomorrow is Wild Wednesday! See you there :)

  2. That cream colour skirt is really something eh? Would go well with green and gold!

  3. Really Nice outfits. Keep rocking.

  4. Love these outfits, you did an awesome job!

    1. :) I'm pretty happy with the Fashion Week posts so far, although today's are a little bit wild! Post will be coming out soon


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