Fashion Week #3: Wild Wednesday!

Welcome to the Silver Fashionista’s first-ever fashion week! You’re very lucky to be here, folks. Please don’t insult any of the models or interrupt the show. Every day Monday-Sunday I’ll be posting three outfit ideas under a certain theme. Make sure to come back every day! 

Today, my friends, is Wild Wednesday. While I'd never call my style "wild" do you know how hard it was to come up with adjectives starting with W? "Wacky" and "Weird" weren't much better. "Wonderful" I liked for a while, but realized it was too similar to upcoming themes. I tried my best with florals, neon and some fun combinations.

Last year, I passed this strappy sundress down to my sister because it was too loud for my taste. However, I think I would actually wear this outfit! Maybe next summer I'll take the dress back? Haha. I think the bright jungle print is very eye-catching, but hopefully not in a bad way! I kept it very colour-cordinated. I have this cropped lilac denim jacket, which I've had for almost four years. It's starting to feel young for my taste now, but it looks great with this dress! Finally I stole my mom's black boots (apologies) to go with the black in the sundress. the jacket

I was trying to go for Sharpie highlighter colours, and my Silver Fashionista bomber jacket is the most colourful thing I own. These pink shorts are a sneak peak to an upcoming blog post (your welcome) and the two pair together perfectly. However, I didn’t want the outfit to come off as pink monochrome. I needed more colour! The best I could do was this navy scarf. I was looking for some more florescent colours (and failed.) Ideally, there would be an orange or yellow shirt under the jacket so just imagine that here.

I just ordered this top online and I thought the simple white could juxtapose a colourful dress. Again, this dress is a little loud for my taste but I didn't give it to my sister so that's something. I added it under the shirt, but realized it was kinda awkward since both were so flowy. This is the only belt I own, but it did it's job to turn this into a more flattering silhouette. I was stuck deciding on shoes: sandals would've been perfect, but I couldn't find mine; solid-coloured shoes were too plain. My floral boots work oh-kay. I mean, wild equals nature, and nature equal flowers. This is safari-chic on the top, disco party on the bottom! I think. 

These looks pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I have to say I'm a fan! I can't wait for tomorrow's blog post. Don't miss it!

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  1. Love all these. I really think navy is underrated. (disappointed with the ongoing lack of Packers
    colours but I won't give up)

    1. Haha there was some in the last post! Maybe some other time

  2. First outfit is really awesome


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