Fashion Week #5: Feminine Friday!

Welcome to the Silver Fashionista’s first-ever fashion week! You’re very lucky to be here, folks. Please don’t insult any of the models or interrupt the show. Every day Monday-Sunday I’ll be posting three outfit ideas under a certain theme. Make sure to come back every day!

Even though I wear leather jackets and jeans on a weekly basis, I'm very girly. Pink is my favourite colour (could you tell?) and I love feeling like a princess or Barbie doll.

Admittedly this first outfit looked better in my head. If the skirt was a bit longer I think this would be much less... obscure? The skirt is actually a dress, which has a beautiful bodice. However, I ended up layering it with a polka-dot blouse. It's really big and breezy, so I ended up scrunching most of the fabric to the back. My original plan was to pair this set with heeled boots, however since the silhouette is puffy and short I thought tall shoes would look best.

All-white is elegant, makes you look like a crystal chandelier and is impossible to keep clean. This is a modest princess look that would look great on anyone. I started out with the only long skirt I own, a midi skirt, and my top is this white puff-sleeve one. I think it's very classy and has tiny little pearls sewn onto the puffs. To match, I have a pearl headband. It's uncomfortable, but beauty is pain, apparently! I finished the outfit with the only light-coloured shoes I own, these pale gold ballet flats. I don't love long skirts, but I think I would wear this outfit.

This look is the most me from this post, and I would wear it today if the shirt actually fit me. The shirt's my sister's, along with the purse. They're both similar shades of a dusty rose that feels a bit more grown-up than the pale pink in the first look. The white skirt has a sash that tie in a pretty bow at the back. I figured the plain white would brighten up the muted pink, and these black flats are very Parisian-chic and lovely.

Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment down below answering my poll. Bye!

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