Fashion Week #6: Sparkly Saturday!

Welcome to the Silver Fashionista’s first-ever fashion week! You’re very lucky to be here, folks. Please don’t insult any of the models or interrupt the show. Every day Monday-Sunday I’ll be posting three outfit ideas under a certain theme. Make sure to come back every day!

I could think of several "S" adjectives but none of them seemed quite right until my sister suggested "sparkly." Thank you very much, J! I have three shimmery, satiny, shiny, sparkly looks to share today.

With this outfit I'm both a outfit repeater and rememberer. I've worn this exact look multiple times. I must've sub-consciously made this skirt for this shirt - the pinks match up perfectly, the white is exact and the dark blue is a elegant contrast. The sparkle is in the pink layer of the skirt. The shirt I chose has off-the-shoulder sleeves for that cold-shoulder look, and a ribbed material. 

 Maybe add a denim jacket and minus the purse, this look would be casual enough for every day? I am obsessed with this top since it was everything I had wanted. The sparkle is subtle - glittery black flats and tiny rose gold sparkles on the shirt. I chose some tailored black pants, which are actually made out of a velvet fabric. Finally, the purse: bought from a Christmas craft sale and handmade. Black and pink is my favourite colour combination, and the buttons tie everything together.

The final look is the most sparkly - save the sparkliest for last! The shoes are metallic, the clasp on the purse is studded with rhinestones and the top is quite clearly doused in sequins. I like that the flats and the shirt are both a pale gold, which comes across less tacky and obnoxious than a bright pirate's gold. The skirt compliments the top. This outfit is the dressiest of the three, but someday we might have fancy occasion to wear looks like this again. Someday!

sewing the skirt

Tomorrow is the final day of Fashion Week! Don't miss it!

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  1. Tomorrow is all about outfits for special occasions, but what would you like to see after Fashion Week? I have a few ideas. What would you like to see first: fancy/girly outfits, monochrome outfits or stay-at-home outfits? Leave a comment!


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