Fashion Week #7: Sophisticated Sunday!

 Welcome to the Silver Fashionista’s first-ever fashion week! You’re very lucky to be here, folks. Please don’t insult any of the models or interrupt the show. Every day Monday-Sunday I’ll be posting three outfit ideas under a certain theme. Make sure to come back every day!

To end off this year's Fashion Week I have a fancy theme: Sophisticated Sunday! I'm not confident that I'm pronouncing that word right, but I need a chance to plan out my outfits for when COVID is all over.

This first look is very posh, but still has a bit of fun. I feel like the most unique outfits are the ones styled in opposite ways or a juxtaposition. Here, I started with my black gown and added some playful accessories. The bracelets are youthful and kawaii, but classy as well. My funky floral boots are Doc Marten-inspired. They're the coolest shoes ever - other people agree. One time I was walking down the street, and this motorcycle guy stopped me to compliment me on my them. That's how you know you have good taste! I think.

the dress & shoes

I wanted something a little more springy/summery for the second look. Here is a party outfit for tea and scones in England! The top is actually a dress, but I thought the wrap of fabric and the neckline was very elegant. When it comes to layering skirts over dresses, make sure your skirt is simply long enough and won't show the dress fabric underneath. It's as easy as that! The pink and black match the colours in the floral print wonderfully.

sewing the skirt

My final look is a request on how to make a pair of jeans formal. First of all, I'd start with a pair that's definitely not distressed. From there on, its all about your top. Mine is a hot-pink lace blouse, which adds a pop of colour and keeps this from looking too stuffy. I usually wear a dress/skirt to events, but a suit-inspired look might just be your thing. I think the  slightly-cropped silhouette of the blazer is nice, and the best way to finish off a look is with matching accessories: a black purse and black boots.

This concludes the end of Fashion Week! Hopefully you got to attend all seven shows, but if not they're linked down below. I had a lot of fun doing this and already have so many ideas for next year, although I have some exciting blog posts coming up ahead!

Sparkly Saturday

Feminine Friday

Thrifty Thursday

Wild Wednesday

Trendy Tuesday

Minimalist Monday


  1. Thanks for coming to Fashion Week! See you soon

  2. Wow I can't decide between Saturday's and Sunday's offerings, but you know I have that total weakness for anything shimmering or sparkly, so I'll vote for Saturday. Not that you're asking us to vote. Congrats for putting this whole week together; can't wait for the next one. Go Pack Go!

    1. Thank you so much for seeing all of the shows! I think Saturday’s looks have to be my favourites from the whole week

  3. The Silver Fashionista's #1 FanJanuary 12, 2021 at 11:03 AM

    OMG OMG THESE ARE SO AMAZING!!! Ahh I love you and your designs so muchh!


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