Friends & Family Chose My Outfits For A Week

As a fashion person, I'm very 
particular when it comes to what I wear. I thought it would be fun to have friends and family members to pick out my outfits for a week. I've rating each out of 10 for comfort, practicality and overall style. Hope this goes well!

Contestant #1: my Mom! This exact look I used to wear all the time last year. I have a plain pair of jeans, a red long-sleeved shirt and a wintry skating design on my dress. I gave this a 7, only because this dress is starting to feel a bit young for me. However, the fact that I've worn this exact outfit multiple times shows how good a job my mom did!

Next is my sister J, who was very excited she got to chose out my look. (Check out this blog post here for a sister collab! She's an editor, and we combined my fashion sketches and her edits into a really cool post.) She picked out jeans and a comfy sweater, which is a pretty coral-pink. This beaded bracelet has similar shades, so it's perfect, and she chose out this scarf. I usually wear this around my neck, French-sailor style, but she put it in my hair as a headband! The bow was in my eyes, so it wasn't the most practical. For that, I gave this an 8. Good job, J!

Finally, I asked my grandma. She's one of my biggest blog fans, so she probably knows my wardrobe as well as me! I was on the phone with her, and she chose out black jeans first. She asked about pink tops, but since most of my shirts are sleeveless I took my new hot pink blouse and layered a pale pink cardigan. I recently learned that some people call cardigans "cardis." Back to the outfit, my grandma is a huge scarf lady, and recently gave me this one. Her thinking was that the black in the pattern would pull up from the pants. I rate this 8.5, because I wish the scarf matched the outfit a bit better. 

Next I texted some of my friends, asking them to pick out some looks for me! First up, my friend A chose out pale pink top, dark pink cardigan and black jeans. We both agree that black and pink make an awesome combination. I do have a pale pink T-shirt, but it's in the wash so I hope she settles for this printed one I made! I also DIYed the cardigan. I love these boots, but I bet she specifically chose them since a classmate at my old school (her school) stained them with a smoothie. Good memories of my old school, huh? I rate this 9.

I love this top so much, even if I thrifted it many years ago. I was very happy that my friend chose this out! It goes well with black jeans better than blue, which is how I usually style this. When we were texting I called this a "mint blue" colour, which whoops! I guess I lied. I'm giving this a solid 8. The reason why this isn't a nine or ten is this shirt is getting a little bit small for me (not that I'll admit that to my family, since my sister would happily take it) and it black jeans are impossible to keep clean!

I also asked my friend T, who is well-known around here. (See: Styling Outfits W. My New Clothes.) She chose out a big comfy sweater. I know she likes ponchos so I thought this one would be perfect. I had the perfect long necklace and bandana scarf, just liked she asked, although my only pair of lightwash jeans I DIYed. I think this look is equally as good for dinner parties as for walking around your house. I'm giving this a 7.5. Maybe I'm a clothing snob, but I have a little pet-peeve against ponchos since they're a bit impractical. Besides that I love this look.

Lastly, my pup Reese! Now, a dog isn't known to be the best fashionista around so I made things a little bit easier for him. I layed out two pieces of clothing on the carpet and put a dog treat in front of each piece. I was doing this at my own risk, hoping my clothes wouldn't smell like dog afterwards. I held him between the two (starting with two pairs of jeans) and whichever treat/jeans he went to first were the ones I'd wear! We did the same for shirt, necklace and accessory. I give the final outfit a 9/10! It's practical for my everyday life and very cohesive.

Everyone did such a good job! Thank you for your help, friends & family. 


  1. I forgot to mention, but let me know if you'd like to see a similar post to this! "My Dog Chooses My Outfits" or "My Blog Readers Style Me!" Leave a comment!

  2. I love all the clothes! I have to say, my favorite is probably the one J chose for you, definetly has something to do with my love for cozy sweaters and head band scarfs!!! DEFINETLY want to see another blog post where Reese choses your clothes, so cute and inovative!

    1. Thanks 😊 maybe you’ll see that post coming soon!


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