Styling Outfits w. My New Clothes

Sleepiness leads to randomness, if you ask me. As I was trying to fall asleep, I was mentally planning out my clothing haul post for the next day. I had been excited for it, until I decided a haul was too "boring" (because I'm extra.) So, today we're leveling up and I'm going to attempt styling some unique outfits with these amazing pieces that you haven't seen a thousand times online. Let me know if you like this new format down below!

First up is the star of this outfit, the skirt. I'm going to alter it shorter and take in the waist, but I think the silk floral print is so kawaii and vintage. I'm not sure when I'll ever wear it, but when this was passed down to me I was in awe. True fashionistas know the feeling of finding a piece of clothing that's just so wow. I thought the denim jacket would pair well, since the pink flowers on the back match the skirt. I got this jacket to DIY, but I thought the back was already so cute that I'm going to keep it to wear as a cropped denim jacket. Both were secondhand.

I also got this polka-dot blouse, which is definitely a bit big for me. However, if there's anything I learned today its that they're many creative ways to style this. On the left, I styled this top with a new burgundy leather skirt, where I resisted the urge to tuck the shirt in. The look on the right I first layered my new white embroidered top from Zara overtop, but since both tops are so flowy I added my new secondhand black lace cardigan over it. I like that you can see all the layers, and I think it's pretty cool. 

This isn't a full outfit, quite clearly, since I wanted to show off this amazing dress as it is. It's too slim to fit on Elisabeth, but look at the cut and the layers of the skirt! Again I have no idea when I'll wear this and it'll probably only fit in, like, ten years, but this is a piece where I am just so impressed. I've never fallen in love with a person, like most people do, but with clothing - yes! This dress is one of them.

On the left, I did something kind of cool. I got this lace pink top, which I layered over a thin stripey top. I tucked the stripe shirt underneath and tied the sleeves around the waist to form a cute sash. However, I know you've all been waiting for me to discuss the outfit on the right - a new leather jacket!!! I was given this classy gray one secondhand which I was so excited about. I added a colourful scarf, recently given to me by my grandma, for a pop of colour. I paired both outfits with a new-ish black skirt.

Obviously this necklace isn't an outfit but this is just a quick shout-out to one of my oldest friends, T, who gave me this for Christmas. It's so pretty and, at least for me, very practical. In an outfit I like my jewelry to be either completely silver or gold. However, sometimes not everything matches up perfectly so with this necklace, I feel validated to wear both silver and gold. 

This final look I love. This black skirt had a stripey ribbon overlay, which is what I call the top layer of fabric. I paired it with this awesome thrift-flipped jacket from a Canadian store called Preloved. It has a print with a boat that's just so groovy. I paired the jacket and skirt together, along with a cropped white shirt. This isn't cropped in real life, but I just tucked the bottom under for a unique silhouette. The jacket helps to hide any bumps.
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  1. Oh, I forgot to mention, thanks again to the people I got these clothes from! They were all passed down/given to me secondhand, and I got pretty lucky with these amazing pieces.

  2. I love all the outfits, especially the grey leather jacket and the scarf; which is just amazing!!!! Thanks for the shout out. Elisabeth looks great!

    1. thanks again for the necklace! I wear it all the time

  3. Oh, wow! That necklace is gorgeous

    1. I think it’s from Joe Fresh, which is a pretty affordable brand! Hope that helps

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  5. I love the black dress! These outfits are so cute!


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