20 Monochrome Outfits

I totally forgot to post this yesterday. Whoops! I feel like I've been getting lazier with my blog, but I did take care to make sure each outfit is perfect. 

In the fashion world, monochrome is all about picking an outfit entirely of one colour. It's an easy way to look put-together and show off a unique style.

My first tip for monochrome looks is to play around with the shades. Here I have a bright orangey-red Chinese top I DIYed, paired with a burgundy leather skirt. It's okay to have another colour for contrast, as long as it still reads correctly. The other outfit has more similar shades, but a pretty silhouette with the high-waisted skirt I made.

I'm going in rainbow order (for your aesthetic purpose) so ornage is next. The only bottoms I had is a orange-red skirt, stolen from my sister. I styled it with a casual orange shirt I sewed and a comfy coral sweater on the right. I’ve never actually seen someone wear a monochrome orange look, because you might look like a carrot, but comment down below which one you like best!

My yellow outfits are both very artsy, the style I’m trying to dive more into this year. The first look is a smidge of a school teacher, but the floral collar and skirt is adorable. On the right, I styled a comfy romper with a blazer I sewed. I actually think they go very well together, even if it doesn’t always read as monochrome. The shades of the flowers and blazer match perfectly.

I was surprised with how little green outfits I could make. I only came up with one, but I would definitely wear it. I added my slouchy, sage-coloured leather jacket over a comfy mint sweater dress. The second outfit moves into the colour blue using a spaghetti-strap dress. Don't forget that accessories are a great way to add to any look!

These are my other blue outfits, which are both texture-tastic! On the left, I have a lace shirt, puffy tulle skirt I DIYed and a soft, fuzzy vest. The right is more casual, with a swirly blouse for a pop of colour, jeans and my leather jacket. Blue outfits are probably the easiest to make, at least for me, since I'm a denim addict.

I have a lot of purple clothing. I thrifted this cropped denim jacket and added it over a dress I designed. I think they complement each other nicely. Paired with a butterfly-print skirt and fancy plum purse, the purple blouse I sewed stands out in the second princess-like look.

Since the first two purple looks were so lilac, this is more of a darker indigo. I altered the top and the skirt a while ago, but never realized how well they paired together. Like cookies and milk! We’re also moving into pink, which is unbiasedly the best colour. I DIYed these hot pink shorts, contrasting the dusty-rose blouse.

Onto pink, one of the finest of colours. The first outfit features a pretty dress, which is dressed down with a headband and cardigan. The cardigan is pink, to add more pink. On the right, I went for a darker monochrome look, adding a skirt over a dress. This dress is actually an old American Girl doll dress. I used to hate that brand, but I always thought they made cute clothes!

Onto the neutrals, focusing on white and cream. I am so incredibly happy with my all-white look. I paired a collared shirt, left unbuttoned over a white skirt and a shirt that I sewed. I think it’s honestly so cool and artsy. The cream look is soft and girly, with my current favourite shirt and a pleated skirt.

The final outfits, gray and black. Gray is definitely overlooked when it comes to the fashion world, so I was surprised with how much I like this outfit. The Silver Fashionista floral skirt adds a fun pattern, and you can never go wrong with a leather jacket. Black is typically very sleek, but I decided on something more cute and casual with a velvet tee and DIYed skirt.

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  1. I know I've been posting less frequently nowadays, but I'm spending those days working really hard to make better, less-rushed content! Thanks, you guys :)

  2. The Silver Fashionista's #1 FanFebruary 12, 2021 at 5:48 PM

    OMIGOSH THESE ARE FANTASTIC! Some people drink Coffee but istg you drink Creativity! These are amazing�� Remeber me when you famous LOL!!!

    1. This comment has made my day and cheered me up so much. Thank u ❤️

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