DIY Life Hacks For Fashionistas!

I asked my readers what style of blog post you'd like to see, and one request was lifestyle. Today I'll be showing you some awesome hacks to up your fashionista game.

To get a more flattering silhouette when wearing a sweater, tie it back with an elastic. Then flip the tail up underneath for a cropped sweater. It looks much nicer this way when you're wearing a dress. The only downside is when you lean against something - there's a little bulge on your back, but that's only a minor inconvenience.

Are your lips always dry, chapped and cracking when you don't have any lip balm? The average person would tell you to bring some with you next time, but let's make our own! Add Vaseline to a lip balm container. You can swirl in food colouring, flavoring and even glitter! Make sure those are all edible, however. I hope you aren't eating your lip balm, but since you apply it near your mouth make sure to check the products you use.

Want to wear a sleeveless shirt, but you're going to be to cold? I got three tips for this situation! A) wear a sweater (even if no one can see your shirt B) drink hot chocolate (chocolate is always the answer) or C) layer a long-sleeve shirt underneath! Y'all have seen me do this many a times before, but it adds a touch of cool girl to your look and keeps your arms from freezing off.

Have you ever wanted to wear a ponytail, but hated your hair elastic? Well, you can cover it right up! Make your ponytail, and take a strip of hair from it. Wrap it around the elastic, and tuck it into the elastic underneath. This makes your hair look much more glamourous. You're welcome!

If your tank top is too loose, use a ribbon, scrap of fabric or a hair tie to tie the straps in the back and pull them together. Easy and affective! To fix a neckline that's a bit too low, try pushing it back on your shoulders to change it up.

Want to make your leather jacket look more worn-in? Just try walking all over it or bunching it up in your hands. I've even heard you should leave it out in the rain for more distressing, but do this at your own risk - that would hurt my soul. What did the jacket ever do to deserve that?

My best words of advice are to accessorize. Adding a scarf or a bracelet really takes it to the top. To keep things simple, stick to a few different accessories that pair well with most of your wardrobe. For me, this includes a silk scarf, beaded bracelets and white hair clips.

I love giving myself a manicure, but I hardly ever do it. I am way to impatient to wait for the polish to dry! When I found this life hack, I was saved and its so helpful. Just run your nails for at least a minute in cold water under the faucet. The colder, the better. The coldness hardens the outside layer of your polish. As long as you apply thin coats, you should be all good!

Let me know if you'd like to see more lifestyle posts, like a morning routine, in the future!

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  1. I absolutely loved this post. I dare say it's my favourite to date! I'm dying to try out the elastic
    in the back of the sweater thing. Now if only you could work in some football magic...

  2. I was skeptical about this new style, so that means a lot! Thank you

  3. Woah! These are really creative, I'll try to use them in the future :)


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