Redesigning Clothes For Charity!

In the spring, I'm going to start selling upcycled clothing I make! Since December, I've been hard at work building up inventory. Some of the profit will be going to charity. I'm not nearly as far along as I'd like, but today I have five awesome pieces to show you. Check out the link down below for the full backstory!

Quickly, I have a shoutout to this lucky person! I have no idea who you are (I've asked almost everyone I know haha) but I would just like to acknowledge and thank you for your very sweet comments, The Silver Fashionista's #1 Fan!

The first piece of clothing is this pom-pom sweater. I kind of hated it before, as the sleeves and turtleneck were super awkward. I mean, look at the neck - it's so obscure. My ultimate solution was to chop those off. I have a raw neckline and cute short sleeves, which I hemmed. Finally, I wanted to address the pom-poms. All of them were colourful, except for a awkward white one, which I cut off. That left a small hole I mended. 

I took another sweater and turned it into a chic sweater vest. It already had those ruffles in the front, but I think they look much better this way. I also sewed pink buttons onto either side for a cute little detail. That's why you see those weird pleats in the photo: buttons.

This stylish peplum is probably the best piece from this haul. It was a dress before, which was a bit confusing. It was a sundress style, but the zipper in the back and print on the fabric made it look very business/professional. I ended up cutting off the skirt, hemming the bottom and adding a pocket using the scrap material. The inside of the fabric is the reverse, which makes this a awesome contrast pocket.

I'm tempted to keep this next piece as it does have some sentimental value. My friend had the matching sweater (before I DIYed it.) However, I think it's time to let go of this.

I thought this old flannel went well with the fix graphic, since they both have pink and black in them. I ended up cutting of the flannel cuffs and collar and hand-sewed them onto the sweater! Of course, I finished it off with a Silver Fashionista label. I make these out of felt and puffy paint (instead of buying some) but it works.

I told myself I was going to take before photos for all of these. Have I followed through with that? Um... I did here, at least! I cut off the bottom of this baggy sweater and hemmed it to make a cropped. It already had that embroidery text on the front, but I used fabric paint (same thing as puffy paint) to go over and emphasize that.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I just loved all these but am particularly in love with the pink/red sweatervest
    with the ruffle. Tres chic! Yours from Green Bay.

    1. Thank you! I think I have a navy blue one as well. I wonder what I can make with that...

  2. The sweater vest with the ruffles is SO cute and I love the peplum with the contrast pocket! I was wondering if when your business was gets going. If you will be doing international sales or not.

    1. Unfortunately, no international sales... yet. I live in Ontario, Canada, where I don’t think many of my blog readers live. Thank you for your support, though! If I ever do sell internationally my blog will be the first one to know

  3. Congrats - what a cool and eco friendly idea! I esp love the peplum too. Any plans to make clothes for dogs?


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