Making Stickers - Collab w. Just Peachy!

An amazing blogger called Just Peachy reached out to set up a collab with me. Today is the day! We both love crafting, and decided to make stickers together. Make sure to check out her blog down below!

There are a few ways to make them, first of all. I chose to sketch out my designs, but you can also print them. I found some ideas online for inspiration, as well as used my own. Up above are three characters of mine. It's a rabbit macaron, a striped panda (originally made out of clay) and a winged heart. After I drew all my designs, I cut them out.

There are a few ways to turn your drawings into stickers. I actually have a sticker maker, this purple contraption up above. At the top left part of the X, you insert your drawing. As you pull it through the machine, it gets sandwiched onto a sticker sheet. It's just like a store-bought sticker, and you can just cut it off from the strip and peel.

However, you totally don't need one of these. You can make stickers just as nicely with parchment paper and tape. First, place a piece of tape sticky side down on the parchment. Now put your drawing on top, and sandwich it with more tape (sticky side down) over your drawing. Now, just peel the parchment paper off to use. It works perfectly!

Here's how all of my stickers turned out! What do you think?


  1. Thanks again to Just Peachy for suggesting this idea! Her post will be coming out later today or in a few days. Check it out!

  2. I love this post and I think it's so cool how you are expanding your horizons and trying new and different forms of crafts and DIYs! The stickers turned out so cool!

  3. Haha is that nutella I see? Mmmmmm.... almost as good as the Packers.

  4. This collaboration was wonderful! I have done collaborations previously but those were with friends I personally know.... So this is my first ever collaboration on the internet which someone I have never met face-to-face before!

    1. 🙃 I’ve done one other before, but this was the most legit. thanks again! It worked out really well

  5. It was just WOW. I love your work so much.
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