Redesigning Shirts & Jackets for Charity

I've been working on this charity project since December now! Time has been slipping away from me, and I want to sew as much as I can. Here's the new things I've made. Click the link down below for the full story!

I'm starting off with a colourful rainbow shirt. I love rainbows so much, however this shirt's colours are wrong. I used fabric paint and popsicle sticks to go over the entire design, which you can see in the top-right photo. I didn't include blue in the rainbow, since there were only five stripes and the background was blue. I figured there was enough colours in the design to work! I also altered the bottom, cutting off and redoing the uneven hem.

You've seen these bracelets before, but I have a ton that I've put aside to sell. I think the somewhat-messy look looks pretty cool, with the strips of fabric wrapped around the bangle. I bought the bangle bracelets from the dollar store, and hot-glued the fabric onto them. I chose out a variety of different fabrics: florals, kawaii hearts, stripes, circles.

This is probably my favourite piece I've made in a while. A few years ago, I had a denim jacket with a collar and pockets I covered in fabric, and buttons I painted. I love that design I came up with, so I made another one for my charity project! I painted the buttons white and chose a pastel fabric to sew along the collar and to line the pockets. 

This was a lot more of an altering project, but I think this layered tank is cool enough that it doesn't need anything extra. It was originally adult size, so I hemmed the bottom of both layers to make it shorter. I left a few inches of the stripes peeking out underneath. In the back, there was a gap to show the different layers but I reshaped that as well.

Finally, I wanted to include some half-way done projects to show you a bit of my process. I'm going to turn this jacket into the same style from before, but I've only painted the buttons so far. As for the sweater, I thrifted it and want to turn it into a poncho style. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. For more in store...

  2. I so love those bracelets! And thanks for showing the "work in progress" aspect of what you do.
    Go Packers.

    1. I'll try to remember to show some more behind the scenes!

  3. Great post! Those are so cute and I think the sweater turned poncho project is going to turn out really cool! I can't wait to see the after!

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