20 Spring Outfits For When You Don't Know What To Wear

Y'all have been waiting for this post, haven't you?

1) The Grand Start I could see my sister wearing this outfit - mainly because the shirt and skirt are hers. I often incorporate pieces from her wardrobe for more variety in my blog posts. The blouse is a little bit frou-frou for my taste, but it is rather springy. The denim and shoes aren't exactly a plain background, but it works. I wonder if my sister would wear this outfit. Is she too young for heels?

2) Comfy No Matter What This outfit is very chic, but incredibly comfortable. This purple sweater is traditionally sporty, but also stylish with a little silk scarf. I think the clean, crisp jeans help tie everything together. I didn't include shoes in this photo, but if I did I'd probably chose sneakers (shocking, I know) or flats.

3) Cause Life Is Unoriginal This outfit is similar to the one before but features a more elevated sweater. It has three-quarter-length sleeves and this cool scalloped thing down the front. My scarf ties into the tan colour, but it also has rustic hues of pink. And never forget about the pretty hair clips.

4) My New Crush I've never had a crush on a person, but on clothing? Yes. When I saw this leather jacket in store I freaked out, which is why I'm so excited about it! One fault, however: I never fail with my lack of good timing, and leather jackets aren't that springy. They feel like a fall piece to me. I tried to soften the look with a fancy white blouse and butterfly jeans. 

5) Why Do You Not Like Uniforms, Anyway? My school has a uniform, and once I actually have to start wearing it I'm going to be very upset. I could write a whole blog post on this, but it's not the actual clothing pieces I don't like. It's the unoriginality. The white collared shirts are too preppy for me to wear by choice, but they look awesome layered over dresses. I finished off this ensemble with champagne-gold flats and a headband.

6) Peplum & Purse I thought the peplum top I made would go nicely with a short skirt, since they both flare out in the same way. The white is classy (tres chic,) but it can also be a little boring. Last second before snapping the photo I threw in a blue bag with golden details. I may have fixed something that wasn't broken, but I'm quite pleased with this look.

sewing the blouse

7) The Wonderful Denim Jacket Denim jackets are just wonderful for the springtime, wouldn't you say? This one is very cute, but with the structured ribbon it's a bit like a uniform. I decided to dress it up with different skirts. First, a floral skirt I DIYed. I pulled from the black with a chocker necklace and velvet scrunchie. 8) Denim Jacket Again In the other look I chose this pastel purple one and added white clips to empathies the cuteness. Which of the two do you like best?

9) Yes or No? With the same skirt, I paired this lacy blue top. If you look closely, very closely, the background in the floral print is the same shade of blue. I think the little details are what make an outfit, and matching the little details is perfection. However, now I'm questioning if these go together or not.

10) A Non-Traditional Blazer I sewed this set last fall, but it's so springy with the flattering silhouette. The blazer has a nipped-in waist with the ruffles to be the prettiest pastel cupcake. 11) The Whole Set This set includes a shirt, blazer and skirt all made from the same fabric. Here I chose both the blazer and skirt, along with a plain white shirt for a clean background.

12) Shameless Self-Promo I also wanted to feature some pieces that'll be for sale, just so you have some ideas how to wear them if you're looking to buy. I paired some jean shorts I made from a pair of pants along a peplum top.  13) These two pieces don't come together, but they look great as an outfit. I sewed lace onto a denim blouse, and it has the same aesthetic as the printed skirt. I think this outfit is perfect for any occasion - no one would question you at a party or grocery store.

14) Spring for a Kid I think this is a young, sweet back-to-school look (even though these are supposed to be spring outfits.) I paired a plain cotton dress with a cute mini backpack and a denim jacket I redesigned. This jacket will be for sale, so lookout!


15) School Teacher, Yes or No? I thought these look was very vintage-inspired, but the first does make me think of a teacher. It is pretty, though, I'll admit. The lace drapes beautfiully over the skirt. 16) A Strappy Little Number The cardigan has a wide neckline for a little grown-up element (actually, that's because I couldn't get it in a smaller size) but I like the tank top straps underneath. I thought the purse (which is actually vintage) was in the perfect aesthetic.

17) Forever Little This was a dress of mine when I was a little girl, and I thought the (literal) city-chic embroidery was very cute. Still do. I paired it with jeans to wear as a shirt and (again, stole) some accessories from my sister.

18) My Preloved Jacket I don't wear this jacket too much, which sucks because it's so cute! I got it secondhand from a awesome upcycling brand called Preloved. I paired a white lace top underneath to match the boat print, with jeans (of course) and some colourful bracelets.

19) Is Black Springy? When I first think of spring, I think of pastels. The blouse nods to a bohemian feel, but the denim jacket and skirt are tres bien. Since the skirt is black, the detail is always a bit hard to see, but it has a chic double-button and tie situation in the front.

20) This Isn't A Fashion Show Like in a fashion show, I end off with the strongest look. I'm trying to have a more original style and I recently got this shirt from H&M, which is just so perfect. The skirt and shoes are so colour-cordinated, I'm in shock. 

If you made it to the end of this crazy long post, you have incredible motivation. Go reward yourself with a brownie. ♥

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  2. Just had a brownie. Loved everything, esp. #18 I think. Go Packers! Love this blog!

  3. I love the tye dye blazer so much, it's perfect for springtime and so chic!!

    1. It admittedly doesn’t fit me too well, but it works in the photo! I still have some of that fabric left over - maybe I’ll make some clothes out of it to sell?


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