Ideas For A Self-Love Morning Routine

Repeat after me: Do not, do not wake up to an annoying alarm clock. 

If an alarm is the system you use, make sure it's not one of those awful cliché ones that will have you crying in pain. Try setting your favourite song as your ringtone for a much pleasanter way to wake up.

Peanut butter, yogurt & granola

Eat a healthy breakfast. I have some recipes to share, all tasty and easy to make. Now, I love peanut butter so the first two involve that. Did you know mixing equal amounts of peanut butter and plain yogurt makes a delicious sauce? You can dip fruit into it, like apple slices - so good. I also love spreading peanut butter onto a tortilla and rolling it up into a wrap - simple but delicious.

However, if you're allergic to nuts (or simple not as obsessed as I) I have a few other ideas for both breakfast or a snack. Make healthy frozen yogurt by putting yogurt tubes your freezer, or make a smoothie. Frozen bags of fruit are ready to buy, but you can make your own by preparing whatever fruits or greens you want, then putting them in a Ziploc bag in the freezer. For breakfast you just have to blend!

If there's anything we've learned during COVID, it's that our hands get super dry. So much hand sanitizer! I've been trying to take better care of my skin, by washing my face with a cleanser and putting on lotion. This stuff from Laline is my favourite, because it squirts out like whipped cream! Super satisfying.

Next I'd be getting changed. I take forever to pick out an outfit, but once I'm wearing something I like I feel like I can do anything that day. That's what fashion should be: feeling great about yourself. No matter the day, I like to wear something colourful but still comfy. 

Now, the reason why I don't wear sweats every day is because they're hard to style without you looking like you're wearing pajamas. However, I have a request to style sweats, so check this photo out down below!

I took my sister's sweats (because I don't own any) and first added something super colourful, since gray can be so boring. I chose my bomber jacket with a structured black purse and loafers. For the second look, I decided to embrace the pajama look and added a flowy indigo blouse and scarf. I will continue not to wear sweatpants, but I must admit I do like these looks!

That's essentially my morning routine. Thanks for reading and let me know if you'd want to see a nighttime routine. ♥


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