New Designs For Sale + Business Announcement

Since December, I've been DIYing clothes to sell. Most of the money I make will be going to a charity called Remake. It's not time to sell yet so I got to keep adding to my inventory. Here are my new sewing projects!

I'm starting off with the only thing that's not for sale - whoops! It was for a school project, but I'm super proud of this shirt! I altered a plain T-shirt to fit me better, first of all, and then painted it. Some of you may recognize the painting I made on the shirt - it's inspired by Claude Monet's water lilies. I used fabric paint, like you'll see a lot more of in this post. 

I got these two nearly identical T-shirts but ended up DIYing them in very different ways. I turned the blue one into a tank top, first of all, and sewed a banana onto it.

Why the banana? Well, it was a patch I took from a old sweater, and I ended up painting over parts of it. The colours before were kind of gross. I also painted the collar yellow. As for the red shirt, I cropped it and cut a V shape in the back. Then I took ribbon to make this tie-up corset. It's adjustable too - I used loose stitches to hold the ribbon in place, but it can still tighten and loosen.

You'll keep seeing more fabric paint in this post... I don't know what to tell you. I got this flowy tank top and decided to knot the straps, first of all, for a cooler design in the back. Then I used washi tape (though masking tape works best) to mark out stripes across the front of the shirt. I've seen a lot of similar designs before. I thought the orange, blue and yellow looked summery with the pink.

 The final piece is this sweater, which I gave a preview to in my last sewing post. (Check out Redesigning Shirts & Jackets for Charity.) I said I was going to turn this into a poncho... did I nail it? Not really, but I'm happy with the big sleeves and comfy fit. The first sweater was long-sleeved and baggy. I took in the sides, cropped the bottom and chopped off the sleeves. I also smudged the neckline with black fabric paint.

Thanks for reading! The support for you guys means everything. If there's anything specific you'd like to see for sale, let me know!


  1. Quick announcement: my blog has a new domain! It's now
    Thanks, guys!

  2. These are all so wonderful. Where do you find the time? You will have a wonderful haul when it comes time to sell. Go Packers! xo

  3. Wow!!!! These designs are stupendous! You are really creative!! 😀
    - Maith (


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