Sewing Haul - For Sale Soon!

I feel like it's been forever since I blogged, especially since I blogged my new sewing projects! I got some new stuff to show y'all, along with some re-upcycled pieces I've made. 

But wait a minute! I have a quick announcement. People have been nagging me to start a Instagram, and I finally did. Follow me on Instagram @silverfashionista_official for exclusive content! You'll also be the first to know when the clothes are for sale. Thanks!

I posted this blouse in a outfit before I actually showed you how I made it. It was really baggy and frankly a bit disgusting before, so I first changed the silhouette with shorter sleeves and cropping it for a summery fit. This was also a really good piece to decorate, so I changed the buttons to white and sewed this gorgeous fancy lace across the front and back. I'm incredibly happy with this.

Hmm, doesn't this look a bit familiar? Well, if you check out the before photo I originally turned a secondhand (gently-used) dress into a skirt. I showed the skirt to someone, and they thought it was a tube top! I actually like that idea better, so I took in the sides to make it flowy and strapless. I'm not confident enough to pull off strapless, but I think this'll look awesome with jacket. Maybe one like the DIY down below!

One item I wanted to feature is denim jackets. This is the second one I've made. Both are the same style, but I've chosen different colours and fabrics for each. This one is a bit more colourful and bright. I love the schoolgirl floral! Hand-stitching it to collar and pockets was a pain, though.

The final piece I have for you today is another alteration, like the tube top. You see, I'm actually slowing down on making new pieces. I was definitely rushing during the beginning, so I'm going back and checking that each piece is all great quality. This skirt was originally longer and wider, but I altered it so it's smaller. Since it looks so costumey, I figure a young girl might like it for dress-up.

Thanks for reading! I need to get the word out about this charity project (get the full story here) so follow me on Instagram @silverfashionista_official.

Bye! ♥


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