Spring Wardrobe Essentials

I can't get enough of spring fashion! I asked y'all on Instagram if you'd rather see spring wardrobe essentials or a spirng capsule wardrobe, and this was the ultimate winner. Make sure to follow my Instagram for exclusive fashion content @silverfashionista_official. I'm really trying to spread the word on my charity project. Thanks guys :)

Lacey Tops

These all have lacey coatings, resulting in a girly and innocent look. Whether it's the straps or trim or the entire shirt, they're lovely and can be both casualized and dressed.

Vintage Blouses

I will say, three out of four of these shirts are my sister's. Her style is very spring, how could I resist? These are all a bit frou-frou for me, but the collars, ruffles, puff sleeves and crimps are really rather darling. Several of these shirts could fit in the section below, and vice versa.


Pastels are the most springy you could go, I think. Any of these pieces would be well-suited for upcoming Easter. I have yellows, greens, purples and pinks for a candy colour palette.


Let's talk about prints! I have hearts, florals, vintage florals, and butterflies. These all have a pastel colour palette which is statemented by the patterns.


Denim is a classic fabric, but I think it does have something springy about it. It can be in the form of a blouse, a jacket, a denim skirt or jeans. Stretch denim, now is your time, along with lightwashes and bleached styles.


People don't think of tan as a fashionable colour - actually, people don't think of tan at all - but I think it's a nice neutral to add something to your wardrobe. I chose my tan item in the form of a sweater dress, which has quarter-length sleeves for a pre-summer tan. Last year there was a big crave for tennis skirts, but I think any white and lacy skirt would do. Paired with any kind of shirt, it would be tres chic.

A Lightweight Coat

Spring isn't summer yet, so a coat is essential. Something lightweight and potentially waterproof will be your saviour. Whether a puffer, leather or denim is your style, you'll be stylish and warm. The puffer is from Uniqlo, the leather is from some independent boutique I don't know the name of, and I thrifted the denim.


Lastly, footwear. Spring is pretty rainy (the whole April Showers thing) so boots are quite essential. These boots were just for a stylish black pair of shoes, but they're actually waterproof so they make nice rainboots as well. Spring is quite the active season, with lots of sports starting up, so casual sneakers or running shoes are always good. I know people always like the white Nike whatevers, but personally I like some funky colour.

Non-Traditional Spring Clothes

I would'nt say my style is particularly suited for les printemps, so if any of you can relate here are some ideas. I have some bold florals, dark colours, preppy styles and - of course - a leather jacket. I think the soft gray colour gives it a tailored and soothing vibe, compared to the other(s) I've shown before.

Thanks for reading! Have a good day ♥


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  2. "the white Nike whatever" - hilarious.
    I especially loved the skirts!
    When is Packers season? Happy Easter weekend! xo


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