How I Made It - Cool Clothes For Sale!

That's right folks - my designs are for sale! It's very exciting, I know. Check out my shop and shopping guide so you can buy a original Silver Fashionista design before they're all gone. Styles range in multiple sizes and styles for any occasion there is. If you'd like a Minnie Mouse cosplay skirt, peplum tops part two, or a sweater for those  days you "woke up like this," click here.

I wasn't planning on making more pieces after a certain point, but I couldn't help myself! The following are all available for sale.

 First up is the denim jacket. I especially wanted to feature denim jackets in my shop, since they're already a very popular item and also easy to customize. I did make this one in a different style than the others available for sale, but I think this is just as stylish. I wanted to add some more colour, especially because the hoodie sleeves are gray (boring.) I chose a grape purple, painting the front pockets and buttons in the tangy shade. I also lined the pockets with ribbon, a nod to my other jean jackets. This is size 12-14 for only 20 dollars. Buy it while you can! (Most of) the money goes to World Wildlife Fund. Don't you want to help the cute animals?

Next is this peplum top, just right for a sweet girl hanging onto the fantasies of flying. This was actually an old dress, with butterflies printed on the skirt. I cut out one of the butterflies and added it to the top for some reminiscence of it's past self. Of course, none of my designs are complete without a handmade puffy paint label. This shirt is only fifteen dollars - such a steal!

Last but not least is this top. I realize it doesn't look super flattering in the photo, but it can be worn so many ways. It looks great layered with a tank top underneath or a cool jacket over. It would also fit many sizes - a younger girl for a cool baggy fit or a teen for a cropped summery vibe. This is the only piece in my store that wasn't a DIY. It started from a scrap of fabric and took multiple hours at the sewing machine. It's still super affordable though at 20 dollars!

Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out my store before everything is gone. 

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  2. These are wonderful and I have sent the link to your blog to a friend with a granddaughter who might like one or more of your items; here's hoping! Great work, even if you continue to ignore the Packers!

  3. So cute!! I love the fabric of the crop top, it is very unique and cool!
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