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I'm starting an exciting new blog series: interviews! I'll be interviewing Canadian trendsetters in fashion, design, beauty and art to keep you guys In The Know. As an aspiring entrepreneur with a love for fashion and DIY, I want to hear from others on their path, what inspires them and more on their business.

To start this series, I first interviewed a Canadian leader in the fashion upcycling movement. A former international model, Jules Grieve is well known for her clothing designs that are Canadian-made, sustainable and (of course) very cool! Jules is also a regular fashion contributor on the show Cityline

Be sure to check out Jules' store Preloved for the spring/summer collection! 

Jules Grieve, Founder of Preloved

The Silver Fashionista:
 My first question is something I'm especially wondering about: when did you first get into sewing and upcycling?

Jules: I've been upcycling pretty much as long as I can remember. I always loved thrift shopping, but the joke is I don't know how to sew! However, I always had a vision on how clothing should look and how they should fit. So I worked with different people to fulfill that vision. I would know how to cut a dress and shorten it, and then I'd take it to the dry cleaner's to get it hemmed.

The Silver Fashionista: Why did you decide to start your clothing store, Preloved?

Jules: I was at the time modelling and I was living in Tokyo. Everyone kept asking me where I would get something I was wearing, and I would say that I made it. It kept happening and I thought that people might want to buy these clothes.

The Silver Fashionista: When did you first feel successful and like you "made it" with your business?

Jules: Well, I always loved what I was doing and I started my business very young. I remember the very first Saturday when I didn't work. I had hired someone to work that day and I thought, this is a real business. I had a Saturday off but the store was still open and people were working there! That was the "ah-ha" moment that I remember.

The Silver Fashionista: Do you have any advice to young sewers or entrepreneurs?

Jules: My advice to entrepreneurs is to be flexible and ready to learn. A lot of the time entrepreneurs have a bit of an ego and it's hard to put it aside. But    it's important to [do that] so you can learn and listen. There's always something new to learn. Sometimes when you work for yourself and/or create your own business, you forget that.

The Silver Fashionista: What does Preloved do to support sustainable fashion?

Jules: We take vintage clothing to deconstruct it and make new clothes out of it. All of our manufacturing is done in Canada. One thing we've been focusing on is our mask production, and we donate a dollar for every mask to Canada's health COVID-19 relief funds.

The Silver Fashionista: My last question is what do you think of fast fashion?

Jules: I'm not a supporter of fast fashion at all! But I believe we can all do our part. The thing with sustainability is that every little bit helps. Even a dress bought from a fast fashion brand can be made more sustainable if you wear it multiple times and keep it for twenty years.

Thanks Jules for sharing your amazing experience and for the great tips! I have some great interviews lined up that you'll see soon. Bye!

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  1. I need a name for my interview series. Any ideas? Comment down below!

  2. Wow, very cool to read about the owner of Preloved and her career path. I love her clothes and approach to up cycling. Thanks Silver Fashionista!

  3. how about chat time? or the chat room? interview time? not the most creative

    1. But very helpful! Thanks for so many suggestions ❤️

  4. What a fantastic idea to interview people!! When will you be hitting up Aaron Rodgers?

  5. My interview series has been officially named In The Know! I have several exciting interviews lined up. My next features an expert in the beauty industry! Who do you think it is?


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