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 As you may or may not know, I'm setting up a business to sell my designs. Well, I have started that business. That’s right; it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: my designs are officially for sale!!! 

It's very exciting, so once you've calmed down I'm going to explain how to buy my designs. There are two ways. 

I started a Instagram recently @silverfashionista_official. It's where I'm advertising my blog, my clothing, and also posting exclusive fashion/sewing content. Follow me to be the first to know what's going for sale. I plan to post one piece a day with the size, price and other details. 

However, you can also see everything for sale up on my blog. If that's more convenient, please click onto the Shop page. Everything I've made is there with the price and size. For any questions or to make a purchase, contact me at

Please remember that part of the proceeds are going to charity. I want to give as much money as I can to charity, so I'll really appreciate any sales. Also remember that shipping is not included in original prices.

Thanks so much, guys! Click here to shop.

Follow me on Instagram! @silverfashionista_official

Contact me:


  1. My designs are mainly for girls ages 6-14. Thanks again guys ❤️


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