Styling Outfits For My Different Aesthetics

Y'all, my style is... confusing. Probably as confusing as the rest of my life. I'm always debating what look I want to wear. I've made posts on How To Find Your Style and I'm still not positive what mine is! 

Today, I've decided to style an outfit for each of my wannabe looks. Follow me on Instagram for never-seen-before content @silverfashionista_official 

Girly. I've started with the one that I feel like you probably first think of when it comes to me; girly. Today, I'm taking it to the extreme with very princessey clothes. I sewed both the shirt and skirt, unintentionally having them go together. I appreciate how the shirt flares out with the skirt, making a very seamless silhouette.

Vintage. I have a love for vintage clothing, thrifting, or at least modern-day designs with a nod to the past. This blouse, for example, was bought at Gap Kids but it has ballon sleeves and lace that feels incredibly old-fashioned. My denim jacket has amazing nautical buttons and piping, which I thrifted for seven dollars. The skirt was given to me secondhand. Even if it's leather, the burgundy pleating is quite preppy and school-girl chic.

the jacket

Edgy. Lastly, my outfit for my big debut as a spy... whoops, that's supposed to be a secret. I think the leather on leather is a bit much, and I am rather miffed that the jacket has gold accents and the skirt has silver. However, I do really like it. I have a plain black shirt underneath (the only plain black shirt I have.) Also, that nail polish bottle? Such a cool colour.

So, which aesthetic should I chose? Well, I'm not fully happy with any of them. The first is too girly, the second is too old-fashioned, and the third is too edgy. Sigh; this brings me back to square one. I guess that's the whole thing with personal style, however: it's a mix of several styles.

Thanks for reading! Comment down below if you'd like to see more aesthetic outfits! I could've included elegant, classic, retro, artsy... dang it ♥


  1. Edgy, very good! need more green and gold

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