20 Summer Outfits For When You Don't Know What To Wear

That's right, folks - it's the seasonal 20 outfit ideas post! These are always kinda long, and I know it's mean to ask people to read on the weekend, so I'm keeping the intro nice and short. Two things though: A) I'll be posting every Saturday from now on! and B) my other seasonal outfit posts are linked down below. Now let's start!

1) Pretty Darn Cute Starting off strong with a significant amount of style. This set was the most recent thing I've sewed, and you can't deny that you don't like this! I think the florals are classically beautiful, but the silhouette is quite trendy. 2) Is Lace too hot for Summer? I designed this with the intention of wearing the duo together, but I'm especially fond of the skirt. I love layering, and the lace sleeves are cool enough for summer (I think.) For the bottoms, I chose the pinnacle of summer style - a good pair of denim shorts.
sewing the set 🌸

3) My Own Picnic B!tch The picnic/farmer's market aesthetic is very *trendy* on social media, and I thought I'd put my own spin on it. I styled a red dress with a tote bag. For some reason, farmer's markets always make me think of tote bags, and this one is so cute! It was handmade in Croatia, and I love the owls. To complete this vibrant look, I chose a scarf with perfectly matching colours.

4) I'm Suddenly Loving Sneakers I always had a slight resentment against sneakers (yes, I have issues.) I just thought they were so... unfashionable. However, these sneakers I suddenly love! I haven't worn them recently, but I saw them and thought, aren't those ever cute? I tried to pull colours from my painted shirt, hence the shoes and impractical bottle of lip gloss. Black isn't usually a summery colour, but I love this shirt! Worn over a striped dress makes for a very stylish look.
painting the shirt

5) That Creamsicle Aesthetic If your family is the kind that blasts the AC, this outfit is for you. I now own two pieces of orange clothing, and I thought they made the cutest comfy set. I love this sweater, and the shorts have a great fit. I love the material, too. Does this look cute, or do I look like a creamsicle?

6) Flower Girl Technically, the print on my shirt is butterflies. Whatever! These pieces are both very unique (although I might be a bit biased, since I sewed the shirt myself.) However, they're untraditionally girly, especially paired together. I'm not loving the silhouette, but I think it's because this was laid out on the floor. When worn, the skirt is puffier, which balances out with the peplum. For a final touch, I included my stunning heart-shaped purse.
sewing the shirt

7) A Fairytale Princess If a fairy princess saw this outfit, she'd be begging for my wardrobe! This shirt and skirt pair so nicely. The colours match beautifully, the silhouette is beautiful, and look at the skirt! I sewed this skirt last summer, and it is definitely one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. The pink fabric is soo sparkly! To complete the princessy vibes, I added this pink handmade that slightly resembles a crown. 
sewing the skirt

8) Beach Beach Baby While I can't picture somebody wearing this to a beach (you should be wearing a swimsuit, duh) I think the neutrals and especially the tan (sand) colours are very beach vacation chic. When I first think of summer I think of bright, vibrant colours, so I thought I'd style a completely neutral outfit. I opted for tans and whites, as other neutrals (such as black and gray) seem too dark for summer.

upcycling the shirt

9) Safari Chic I always associate this orange colour with a safari guide, for whatever reason! I decided to go with it, pairing the shorts with a vintage-inspired off-white shirt. I'm guessing this outfit isn't very practical for safaris, though! 10) A Denim Jacket Nerd I was given this jacket to upcycle, but I think I'll keep it for myself :) I think the ombre effect is pretty cool, and blue always goes well with orange.

11) Sporty, but Very Very Chic I love this turquoise dress so much. However, it’s too fancy for my everyday life. I wanted to style it more casually. Are we up for the challenge? Definitely! These sneakers were an obvious match, and I added white sports socks. To cover up the pretty detailing around the neck I added a plain tank top. Mission accomplished!

12) Stealing from my School Uniform (Again) Everyone who knows me has heard me complain about my school uniform. Yet I still style some of the pieces in blog posts! I think white collared shirts look cool when worn open over a dress. I love this girly and preppy juxtaposition!

13) Oh, I'm just Chilling at the Cottage This cardigan is too big for me, leaving quite a wide neckline. It’s very casual and trendy with a tank top layered underneath. This outfit is very, I’m at the cottage! Or, I’m reading in a hammock! Quite casual and nice. 14) Brunch Lunch Now I styled this cardigan underneath something - under a dress. My dress has thin straps, and the cardigan sleeves are low, resulting in a cold-shoulder look.

15) The Froyo Queen Last summer, I wore this blue shirt ties over the lilac dress all the time. The pastel shades are innocent and sweet, and I decided to finish the look with my pastel shoes and beaded bracelets. However, this gives me Shopkins vibes for some reason. Did anyone else like Shopkins? I remembered my favourite Shopkins was the pastel froyo set.

16) Sleepaway Day I've only been to sleepaway camp once, and from my experience this is the classic summer camp look. The tye-dye shirt and the friendship bracelets should be listed as synonyms in the dictionary for "summer camp." I completed this look with casual denim shorts and my sunglasses case. That isn't really an accessory, but the design matches the patch on the shorts in a pleasing way.

17) AD I wanted to feature pieces available for sale (self-promos only give blog readers a mild headache) and I styled two sweater vests available for sale. The fire is quite preppy, but the colours are beautifully fresh. It sets it apart from the trends. I layered it with a lacy white skirt and added some business-boss shoes. 18) When do I Wear This? The second sweater vest is more playful. You can't see the details in this photo, but the pink fabric is ruffled down the front. I paired it with a handsewn pastel skirt and a DIY colour-blocked headband. SHOP
DIYing the sweater vest

DIYing the pink vest

19) Soft Girl at the Spa For me, the summer colour palette is very bright and loud. I like it, but for a softer aesthetic I styled a lilac gingham dress with a cute vest. Honestly, I didn't like this vest when I first made it, but styled like this I think it's super cute!

upcycling the crochet vest

20) City Shopping I think gray is a nice shade for a city-chic look, but it can look a little dull. The floral skirt is very vibrant and fresh; the yellow shirt is oh so sweet. I made sure to end off this blog post with one of my favourite looks. 

DIYing the skirt

Thank you so much for reading! Follow me on Instagram @silverfashionista_official. See you next Saturday!


  1. Leave a comment down below and tell me which outfit you liked best! Thanks guys ❤

    1. I love the beach beach baby look, lol. So cute!

    2. Thank you so much! Follow me on Instagram @silverfashionista_official for more summer fashion :)

  2. All twenty of the outfits you styled above look attractive and fashionable.
    My favourite 5 outfit looks are:
    The Flower Girl OOTD with the butterfly print top;
    The Fairytale Princess OOTD with the floral print top and sparkly pink skirt;
    The green dress styled in the outfits numbered 11 and 12, and;
    OOTD 20) City Shopping featuring soft yellow top and the blue floral skirt


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