A Sweet Sewing Haul 🌸

 I feel like it's been forever since I've posted on my blog, not to mention an eternity since I posted sewing content! Today, I have some new designs to share with you. They are summery sweet and obviously stylish. 

But first, I'd like to thank everyone who's bought from The Silver Fashionista. The support means everything, and I have raised over a hundred dollars for World Wildlife Fund! Hooray! I hope you love your Silver Fashionista original and are wearing it proudly.

The first piece I have to show was one of my first sales, plus my first custom order. I designed this playful, multi-fabric skirt for my teacher's daughter. The usage of three different fabrics might seen busy, but I think the splashy prints and the colours match wonderfully. I also think it's cool how the skirt can rotate to look different. It's almost like having a new skirt every day!

My second custom order was another skirt. It was actually for Ali De Bold's daughter, who I interviewed a couple of weeks ago. (Read the blog post - link down below!) Now, this skirt may look familiar to some of you. I ended up sewing a skirt almost exactly like one I made for myself, back in the fall. This one is  a smaller size, and it's still a Silver Fashionista original!

In The Know of ChickAdvisor! (silverfashionista.com)

I've gotten so many requests for larger sizes. I am trying to sell my current inventory first, but I did sew an adult-sized piece last month. It's a red tank top, made with recycled fabric, perfect for a day at the beach! I actually made a whole video with it on Instagram @silverfashionista_official, and I thought I'd include it here. This top is still available for sale! Email me at thesilverfashionista@gmail.com to purchase.

The nicest thing happened Monday night... Michael Penney from Penney and Company (@penneyandcompany on Instagram) donated all his leftover fabrics! I am incredibly appreciative. To thank him, I designed these three bags from some of the new fabrics (one for each of his daughters.) They are a super simple style, but very booksmart and sweet. Would you like to see bags like these for sale? Comment down below!

I've been a busy busy bee since I was given those fabrics (thanks again!) I have so many sewing ideas, and I've been trying to make things as quickly as possible. My favourite piece of fabric from the bag was a large piece of vibrant floral. Isn't the fabric just gorgeous? I haven't sewed anything for myself in a long time, but this girl wants to spruce up her summer wardrobe. I spent yesterday sewing this two-piece set, fit for lounging at the pool or trying not to drip ice cream on yourself. Who else is excited for summer?

As always, thanks for reading! Bye for now.

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  1. QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm starting a blog post schedule. Check out my blog every Saturday and Wednesday for a new blog post! Fingers crossed I actually stick to it

  2. I love these! The bags are so cute! And the two piece is amazing! That's so cool that those fabrics were donated!

    1. Thanks! People have been very kind with giving me their excess clothes and materials :)


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