Instagram Chooses My Outfits!

 I couldn't decide on what blog post to make, so I got my Instagram followers to choose the entire thing! (Which, by the way, thanks for 100 followers! Eek!) They voted for a fashion post over a sewing post, first of all, and chose out two super stylish outfits for me!

The first outfit more casual, especially compared to the second! Now that it's spring, it's time for some fun silhouettes and the cool jackets. I would wear this to the farmer's market or on a day trip to the idyllic countryside. First, I had y'all vote on my shirt and bottoms.

I was surprised by how popular this pastel shirt was! The purple shirt has a lovely silhouette and I actually like it more, but the pastel was still a great pick. To go with it, my starry jeans were in favor with 63% of the votes! 

I love jackets. I have four leather jackets, but this black one is my favourite! And my upcycled boat-printed one from Preloved is one of the most original designs I've ever seen. However, my leather jacket got most of the votes with 85%! I think the edgy leather is an awesome contrast to the pastel shirt we have going on.

The last components for this outfit was the jewelry and the shoes! Now, I don't wear jewelry every single day, but I think it's the best way to add extra pizazz. The silver heart earrings, plus my beaded charm bracelets, took the lead with 69% to 31%. As for shoes, it was a tie! I ended up taking the photo with both pairs. Comment down below which suit the outfit best!

Here is the final outfit! I think y'all did an awesome job. I would 100% wear this, and I've actually worn incredibly similar versions of this before. Personally, I think it looks best with the floral shoes. While it keeps the outfit on the verge of chaos, I think it pairs with the bracelets and shirts quite well. This outfit is all the juxtapositions. I give it a solid 9/10!

So, I don't actually need an outfit for anyplace fancy (who does these days 🤣) but I could imagine wearing this to my grad or something. Now, let me just question this: not a single person voted for the black ballgown! Both dresses are beautiful, but the black one is my favourite dress in the world. I think the navy one comes off very chic in the photo, however, and it is deserving of its votes. The options for shoes were between flats and boots, with the flats winning at 69%. I definitely agree with that!

Everyone needs a bag, especially since dresses don't have pockets (just see @bestdressed's theory) The two options were navy and white, the white heart getting 75% of the votes. I love this bag so much. I bought it from this adorable small business, but for the life of me I can't remember the name! Ugh. As for the jewelry, silver won at 63%. Very appropriate for The Silver Fashionista, some might say!

Isn't the final look gorgeous? I complained about this dress winning, but it's so well designed. It's from some fancy boutique I also forget the name of (great) and it's so stylish. I give this outfit a 7/10. I love that purse, but I don't think it matches well with the silver jewelry and black shoes. I'm very particular, for whatever reason, about all the metal details matching in an outfit.

Thank you for reading! Make sure to follow me on Instagram @silverfashionista_official. A big thanks to everyone who voted!!! You guys did an amazing job ❤


  1. Those outfits are so cute! I love the navy dress! I feel like for the first outfit, it would look really cute for Spring/Summer without the jacket and Vans or Converse or some other shoe instead of the boots. But is still looks really cute with the jacket and shoes picked!

    1. Ooh that would look awesome! I have some pastel sneakers that'd look great with the shirt. Maybe I'll post it on Instagram :)

  2. What a great idea to have IG followers vote! Everyone loves to give advice so you've provided a fun opportunity! But still no football helmets....

    1. Thanks! I'm quite the wants-to-give-advice girl myself ❤

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