What I've Worn Recently - spring outfit ideas

Right now I'm stuck in the in-between of spring and summer. It's a debate every day if I should be wearing pants or a skirt. (Notice I didn't say shorts - I currently don't own any, which is as annoying as it sounds.) However, May is hypothetically in the springtime, and I thought I'd share some outfits I've worn in the past few weeks.

(Side note: I've actually already shown these photos on my Instagram silverfashionista_official but I know some of my blog readers haven't seen them. Now, enjoy!)

While this outfit isn't my favourite from the bunch, I wanted to put it first. I am such a fangirl for Ashley (aka bestdressed) and I received her pink heart necklace from her bestdressed x enroute jewelry collection. I am thrilled. I wore this outfit the day after I got the necklace. I spent at least thirty minutes trying to find an outfit that matched the necklace. I think the denim skirt helps to casualize the glitzy top, but I think a black skirt would've paired nicer. 
sewing the denim skirt

I fell in love with the print on this mesh top. I bought it from H&M. It's made with 95% recycled fabric, and I think the pink flowers on black is such an awesome contrast. Worn with some comfy jeans, underneath a (wrinkled) white top, makes quite an artsy statement I am definitely happy with.

sewing the tank top

When I was choosing my outfit for the day, I didn't think the obnoxious red sweater would go with my skirt. When I wore it, I actually liked it! I felt like a vintage doll. However, I think it lost some of its charm in this photo. When I physically wore the outfit, I paired it with my red and pink floral boots. Those helped tie everything together, and without them this outfit isn't so cute.

sewing the skirt

Y'all should know by now that I love jeans. I think they're more stylish than leggings or sweats, so I wear them basically every day. However, on this day all of my jeans were in the wash, leaving me with one pair of leggings and these plaid pants. I don't know where I stand with these pants, but they're super comfortable. I wore them with this puff-sleeve shirt and pearl hairclips for a vintage-meets-modern vibe.

The final outfit was my look from yesterday. Tennis/pleated skirts were all the rage last fall, worn with collared shirts and sweater vests to have a glorified school uniform. When I was given this red leather pleated skirt, I thought it was so much cooler. I wore it with a simple T-shirt, with my upcycled denim jacket buttoned up. I think this outfit is guaranteed to tell people I like art. However, there's also a vintage library element, don't you think? This is what I would wear at a thrift store, in the library, at a coffee shop (if I actually drank coffee.) the skirt

DIYing the jacket

That was all for today! As always, thank you for reading. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @silverfashionista_official. Bye for now!


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