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My favourite series on this blog is my new In The Know series! This is where I interview Canadian experts in fashion, beauty, art and design. I've interviewed Jules Grieve, founder of Preloved; Ali de Bold, co-founder of ChickAdvisor; and most recently Autumn, the owner of a favourite store called Tall Birches! 

Today, I'll be sharing one of the most exciting interviews yet. I had the opportunity to interview the celebrity makeup artist and TV makeup expert Tracy Peart! I was curious to know more about the makeup industry, as well as the impacts the pandemic has had on the makeup industry. 

Tracy Peart Headshot

The Silver Fashionista:
 The first thing I'd love to know is why you decided to become a makeup artist. I don't know very much about the makeup industry and I'd love to know more!

Tracy: Well, I originally went to school to study film and television. I wanted to direct films. When I left school I started to work on productions. I was a production assistant. I would see these women coming in looking ordinary, and then saw them leave the makeup and hair trailer. I was like, "What sorcery is happening in there?" I was so fascinated that I always hung around the makeup artists to watch what they were doing. 

The Silver Fashionista: Did you know very much about makeup at the time?

Tracy: No! I knew as much about makeup as the average woman did. I knew how to do my makeup, but I didn't wear that much of it. Probably just mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. I became fascinated with how makeup could transform somebody's face. Then one day one of my friends said to me, "Why don't you just study it already?" Eventually, I did study it! That's how I became a makeup artist.

The Silver Fashionista: You are a celebrity makeup artist and I'm curious to know who's makeup you have done?

Tracy: The biggest name I've done was Justin Bieber. This was when he was sixteen or seventeen years old and really really popular. I remember it so vividly because it was made to be such a big deal. Everybody kept telling me what to do and say when I'd meet Justin Bieber. There were all of these instructions! I wasn't supposed to speak, but go in and do my job. So now when it's time I'm nervous and shaky. They brought me towards him and he put his hand out and said, "Hi, my name is Justin." He was really nice, and all of those rules went out the window. He was chatting and carrying on a conversation with me and I started talking back to him. Everyone had told me not to engage with him but it would've been worse if I hadn't responded. 

The Silver Fashionista: That's so funny! Now in a completely different direction, how has the pandemic has impacted the makeup industry? Ali De Bold told me a bit about it, but I'd love to know more.

Tracy: The pandemic has impacted it majorly, because this is a job where you work in people's faces. A lot of makeup artists have been put out of work. The people who you see on TV are doing their own makeup and their own hair. It's definitely impacted out industry. For me I do on-air stuff like Cityline (and I always have) but with the pandemic I had to pivot. Now I have to make all my money with shows and with social media. Before the pandemic, I used to get paid posts, but not as much as I'm getting now. Now that I have more time, I can put more focus into building up my social media. I'm alright during the pandemic, but it's definitely affected the makeup industry in a really harsh way.

The Silver Fashionista: Are you excited to get back into your pre-pandemic life? or do you prefer the work you're currently doing?

Tracy: I can't lie; I've enjoyed this time off. When I was working I got up at 4 in the morning and it's been nice not getting up at that hour for the past year. But I definitely miss the people I work with. It's been over a year now and I'm wondering when we are going to go back. I miss laughing and joking with people. At the start, it was a welcomed rest for me but I do miss people now. It's been a while and it's time to go back.

The Silver Fashionista: I completely agree! Now, I'd like to end off this interview with a fun question. What is the strangest beauty trend you've ever seen?

Tracy: I've seen a few that are really weird, but I'll talk about the latest. It's a joker lip liner. People are drawing the corners of their mouths up and out, like the joker! People have been posting pictures of that and I thought, "Why would you want to make your mouth look like that?" 

 Thank you Ali for introducing me to Tracy. And of course, thank you Tracy for the amazing interview! It ended up being a lot of fun.


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