Outfits for Fall 2021!

 Hi! It's definitely been a while since my last blog post - three months. Yikes! I have been super active on Instagram @silverfashionista_official, and I've been working on my business loads. I was even recently featured in the Watershed magazine! It's very exciting. You can read it here! Recycled Fashion - Watershed Magazine.

Today, I'm sharing some chic fall outfits that every girl would repost. Of course, I'm featuring some brand new Silver Fashionista designs. In case you don't know, I have a small business upcycle/sew stylish clothes for kids and teens. Everything available for sale is on the SHOP page. Check it out!

(Note: for whatever reason, the photos in this post look super blurry. You can get a much clearer look by just clicking on them. Thanks for reading!)

Outfit number one features an upcycled Silver Fashionista top. It's a button-down collared shirt, so very preppy. However, I added a cool peplum effect and made it cute and fitted. I think it also looks great worn over something, like a white  shirt and if you couldn't tell, it's available for sale! I placed this outfit first in this post as the entire outfit is upcycled/sustainable! I thrifted the jeans for super cheap and decked them out with some cool patches. I also made this bag. It's kind of old now - I made it back in June - but it is one of the most-worn things I've made. It's the perfect size for carrying my phone, wallet and mask on the go!

I happen to really like this outfit. I think this dress is gorgeous. It's secondhand, or maybe even third or fourth-hand, and there isn't anything I don't like about it. It's perfectly me. I really like the pointed collar and puffed sleeves, which I decided to accentuate by layering a mesh top underneath. Mesh tops are fairly impractical worn alone, but they are much warmer than you'd think worn under a shirt or dress. They usually come in fun patterns which is even better! I played on the pink and gray with a charm bracelet and some silver boots. These boots are in almost all of my fashion posts but I'm not sure how much longer they'll be around. They're now way too small!

The third outfit features my latest sewing project. I went to a garage sale a few weeks ago and bought yards and yards of super fancy fabric for basically free. One of those fabrics was this brown satin. It was a little costumey, but perfect for fall. I automatically pictured it as a pleated skirt. I'm very happy with how it turned out, but it took four-five hours to make. I think that's the longest I've ever sewed anything. It was mainly time-consuming since I had to sew each of those tiny pleats in place. Preppy styles like this come back every fall and people have been making them trendy, with oversized sweatshirts and big jackets and this is my take on that!

Back in July, I found this jacket at an antique store. The details are kind of hard to see in the photo, but it is a genuine vintage coat from the Victorian era! Can you believe it? It's in pretty good condition, too. I love all of the buttons down the front, the pleating at the sleeve and the gather in the back. I should post better photos of it on my Instagram to really see the full effect of this 19th century garment. I think the gray silk is perfect for fall and I completed it with a maroon set and a Silver Fashionista bag I made. I used secondhand materials to make a series of cute minibags that are available for sale!

This overall dress caught my eye. I have always disliked overalls since I couldn't figure out how to style them without looking like a farmer. However, this one is fake suede and is black, with a cool silver zipper down the front. It was also on sale. I had to take in the sides so it wasn't too loose, but now I think it's pretty cool. I kept to a neutral colour scheme, adding some black shoes, a gray purse and a breezy white top. What do you think?

I wanted to include a second look with my brown skirt that felt a little more like me. Perhaps it's not the most ideal for autumn's brisk weather, but for a warm September day this will be my number-one look. The t-shirt is actually a "baby" tee with one of those cute ruffly hems. I think it's very sweet with the brown skirt and I topped it off with some handmade jewelry.

I bought this denim skirt from Zara back in the summer and at first, I wasn't sure what to think. It has a really cool diagonal waist but was pretty long for my taste. However now I really like it. I'm growing a lot and each time I buy a mini skirt, I can only wear it for five months before it's too short. The longer length also means you aren't completely freezing in the cold. Pair it with some black tights for extra warmth! For shoes, I opted for these black loafers that you saw earlier. These are literally my school shoes but they're very comfortable and actually kinda cute! I'm also loving the sweater + jacket combo. Cute, comfy and warm.

Last but never least, a cozy look for a chilly day. Collars are primarily preppy and have that schoolgirl-in-the-fall vibe, so I layered one underneath my new sweater. I have a thing for knit sweaters - I'm even wearing one now while I write! Knitted sweaters look more presentable and put-together than a hoodie/sweatshirt and this gray one is made of the softest material. It's from H&M but sweaters like these are pretty easy to find anywhere! For bottoms, I chose a pair of jeans (you all know I'm a fiend for denim) and some cool beaded jewelry.

That's it for today! I'm not sure when the next time I'll blog will be but if you have any post ideas, leave a comment down below! Thank you everyone for all your support 💗 Nothing makes me happier :)


  1. These outfits are super cute! And that's so cool that you were featured in a magazine!

  2. All eight of the outfits pictured above look very artistically styled, attractive and fashionable. You have great fashion taste!


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