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ome blog posts to definitely check out, the best of The Silver Fashionista! It's organized in order from oldest to newest.

Do you need a belt, inspiration for a scrap of fabric or a DIY to customize you McDonalds toy? I got you! Five New Accessory Ideas You've Never Seen Before

Designing anything is my thing. I couldn't wait to put together my new bedroom: My New Bedroom! Grand Reveal!!!

Masks are a necessity these days, quite frankly, so I did my best to sew some! Sewing Masks For My Friends

Thrift store witch, 50s teen, kawaii, preppy, artsy? Dressing As Ten Different Aesthetics

Everyone needs this in their life: Outfit Ideas For When You're Running Very, Very Late

Can I do it? The pressure is real. One Minute Outfit Challenge!

More than your average haul! Styling Outfits w. My New Clothes

Thank me later! You'll want these 20 Monochrome Outfit Ideas


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