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This blog page is where I'll be posting bonus content: my fashion sketches! My sketchbook is so filled out and I want to be able to show you even more of my designs, so this is the place to be.

I love the silhouette of this simple flared dress so much. It's perfect for summer, and is spiced up with an impractical but funky star-shaped purse.

Embroidered all over with hearts, peace signs and squiggles, this jean jacket would take forever to make but would be worth it. One hundred percent!

The wide, straight-across neckline and lace material breaks up the otherwise plain shirt here. This would be an awesome DIY project.

Chopping off the legs on a pair of jeans and adding an extra foot's length of lacy fabric at the bottom makes a fantastic fabric combination. I wish I had fabric like this. 

I have no clue how to describe this dress, so just stare at the detail! The buttons, lace, swirls of fabric and rounded neckline... not to mention the choppy little drawing of one of those cute baker-boy hats. 

This coat is incredibly warm, or that's how I picture it! I'm having some trouble putting it on. If this was real, however, it would be so soft and flattering. This is very glamorous indeed!

This modern take on a wrap top avoids being too much of a ballerina. I would chose a hot pink colour with a contrasting playful trim. Maybe in white? Little cap sleeves and a long sash finish it off, keeping it from looking too much like the classic ballet wrap sweater.

This skirt, suitable for both day and night, can be worn to work and out for dinner afterwards. I picture the buttons a brassy colour, not too dim and not too bold.

Plaid pants! Plaid pants! These are a little more of a statement with their larger, wider pattern than the ones I own.

The dress up above: proceed with caution. SEW comfy, you might find yourself wearing it eight days a week. That's what people underestimate about dresses - they may be fancy, but they're also soft and flowy.

A girly, skirt and a cute cropped top. Playing around with ideas here. I'm not sure if I like the way I drew that skirt - it kinda looks like a marshmellow puff.

A basic pair of jeans, trimmed with lace and brightly-coloured patches isn't basic anymore. The lace is elegant, the patches are playful, there's all the contrasts and confusions.

I'll give credit to Betty & Veronica comics (one of my guilty pleasures, along with chocolate, notebooks and slime) for the inspiration behind this gown. I have never seen anyone wear this retro, over-the-top gown in my entire life! I wonder where you would see someone wear something like this.

This top has a deep scoop in the back, halter straps, and a large bow to top it off for a girly, stylish look.

Four different skirts here! There's a skirt with buttons, one with a scandalous leg slit, a denim mini and one made of a thick plaid fabric.

Lastly (for now, come back soon!) is this gown. Strapless, short twirly skirt, that weird but apparently stylish waistband. Ending off strong (for now!) this dress has incredible detail.


  1. Thanks for sharing the inner recesses of your creative mind with us footballers.

    1. No problem! I’ll be updating this page every now and then, so come back to look for more sketches!

  2. These sketches are amazing and I wish that the clothes were real!! I especially love the wrap top and the halter top. As well as the warm coat and the "over-the-op-gown." Oh who am I kidding, I love all of them!!

    1. Thanks so much! I haven't sewn anything like that dress before, but someday, maybe!


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